Spotlight: De Havilland Dove

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Seats: 9        Speed: Up to 180 kts        Range: Up to 1200nm

De Havilland Mayfair DoveThe Dove is no longer available to charter, for alternative aircraft call our team on 020 7100 6960.

The De Havilland Dove's first flight was on the 25 September 1945 and was one of Britain's most successful post-war aircraft designs.

The De Havilland Dove has flown in service for the RAF, Royal Navy, and the Queen has flown in a De Havilland Mayfair Dove for some of her official flights.


HRH Prince Philip learnt to fly in a De Havilland Dove, and a De Havilland Dove aircraft was used for official Royal flights.

The original design seated up to 11 passengers and was powered by four Gipsy Queen piston engines.

In total 544 Dove aircraft were built, however only a small number of these remain for commercial charter.

The Dove has a bright and airy interior with a seating configuration of 9 club class seats, makes this aircraft perfect for a short trip away or an organised tour.

De Havilland Dove Charter

The de Havilland Dove aircraft is not currently available for charter.

Please call 020 7100 6960 for alternative aircraft to the De Havilland Dove which are available to charter.