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Private Jet Charter – Russia

The busiest airports in the Russian Federation are as follows. In Moscow, Vnukovo Airport is the preferred airport for private jet travellers.

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  • Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
  • Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow
  • Pulkovo Airport, St Petersburg
  • Koltsovo Airport, Yekaterinburg
  • Tolmachevo Airport, Novosibirsk
  • Pashkovsky Airport, Krasnodar
  • Sochi International Airport
  • Kurumoch International Airport, Samara
  • Ufa International Airport

Private jet charter gives you a wider choice and can help save time, allowing you to take-off or arrive closer to your destination and as well as the airports above there are over 400 airports in the Russian Federation that can cater private jet clients including:

  • Grozny North Airport
  • Chkalovskiy Airport, Moscow
  • Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky
  • Ukrainka Air Base, Belogorsk
  • Olenya Air Base, Olenegorsk
  • Lipetsk Air Base
  • Yemelyanovo Airport, Krasnoyarsk
  • Kazan International Airport
  • Myachkovo Airport, Moscow
  • Levashovo Air Base, St Petersburg

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Russian Federation Facts

Capital - Moscow
Languages – Russian
Population – 142,800,000
Size – 17,000,000 square kilometres
Monetary Unit – 1 rouble = 100 kopecks

Russian Federation Private Jet Airports Map

Airfields in Russian Federation