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PrivateFly Private Jet Charter Safety

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Aircraft safetyPrivateFly is committed to private jet safety. The security, peace of mind and privacy of our clients is absolutely paramount.

We are an ARGUS Certified Broker – and were only the second in Europe to achieve this accreditation, which indicates the highest levels of industry safety and best practice.

At PrivateFly, we undertake a rigorous series of measures and processes before permitting a private aircraft operator to be part of our global network.

AOC | Part 135 | Argus & Wyvern safety ratings | PrivateFly's commitment to safety



In order to operate private jet charter flights, aircraft operators have to complete a thorough process, by law, to satisfy the relevant country's national aviation authority that they are competent to undertake safe commercial operation of aircraft.

If this set of stringent requirements is met, an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) will be granted. This is alternatively known as an Air Carrier Operating Certificate in the USA.

The requirements for an AOC do vary from country to country, but generally includes an audit of areas such as company safety policy; management and organisational competence; crew training; aircraft maintenance; aircraft loading; flight planning; and fuel planning. It normally takes an operator or airline over 2 years to be issued with an AOC. It is a vigorous process and many new start-ups fail to be granted this licence to fly passengers.

PrivateFly only works with approved operators who have a current AOC certification.


In the USA, in addition to the basic requirement of an Air Carrier Operating Certificate, the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) grants a Part 135 certificate to private jet operators that are permitted to fly commercially, including non-scheduled charter and air taxi operations.

There can be confusion between a Part 135 and Part 91 operator certificate. Part 91 is also a certification for private aircraft, but based on a less rigorous set of requirements for small non-commercial aircraft within the US. Part 135 operations have very detailed and strict operational requirements and legal aspects to adhere to, having much higher standard of safety requirements.

At PrivateFly, we only provide charter on Part 135 aircraft in the USA, to ensure our passengers are receiving the safest and most reliable private jet service available.



Aircraft operators in the USA and parts of Europe can also be audited for safety by independent aviation-auditing companies. These are optional accreditations which allow an aircraft operator to hold and promote a rating, which indicates their commitment to safety.

The leading industry auditors are ARGUS and Wyvern.

ARGUS (which stands for the Aviation Research Group US) provides a system of evaluating charter operators called CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) that combines the safety history of a charter operator, aircraft and crew, and compares against relative industry benchmarks. ARGUS gives four rating tiers to operators: Does Not Qualify, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum.

ARGUS also audits private charter intermediaries and PrivateFly is an Argus Certified Broker, the second in Europe to receive this accreditation for best practice and safety.

Wyvern provides its PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) program, using data points including pilot and maintenance personnel training; crew currency; and background checks to give either a ‘Registered’ (entry-level) or ‘Wingman’ (advanced) standard to operators.


In addition to working with operators who meet these industry safety standards, at PrivateFly we also conduct our own due diligence before inviting operators to join our network.

Our criteria are based on both safety and a consistent VIP customer service standard. The process is based on our own industry expertise and knowledge, including full vetting of company insurances, aircraft airworthiness certificates, aircraft inspections and crew background checks.

Upon request, PrivateFly will share our registered aircraft operators documents proving these safety requirements prior to any flight booking, to ensure you’re in safe hands.

Flight safety is a combination of well-equipped and well-maintained aircraft and the experience and training of the pilot. When you fly with PrivateFly, you can be assured your aircraft is safe, and you will only be using accredited operators and crew who have undergone our ongoing due diligence process.

PrivateFly aircraft safety

Aviation Authorities and Safety Agencies

Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Brazil Departamento de Aviacao Civil
Canada Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority
France La Direction de l'Aviation Civile
Germany Civil Aviation Authority (LBA)
Italy Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile
Malaysia Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia
Netherlands Directorate-General of Civil Aviation
New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Poland Civil Aviation Office
Portugal Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil, I.P.
Romania Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority
Russia State Civil Aviation Administration
Singapore Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
South Africa Civil Aviation Authority
Spain Agencia Estatal De Seguridad Aerea
Sweden Sweden Civil Aviation Administration
Switzerland Federal Office for Civil Aviation
Taiwan Civil Aeronautics Administration
UK Civil Aviation Authority
USA Federal Aviation Administration

To discuss any aspect of private jet charter safety please call us on +44 (0) 1747 642 777

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