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Luxurious Magazine - The Luxurious Magazine A-Lister's guide to the Glastonbury Festival
(01 July 2016)

Leanne Kelsall rounds up the most luxurious experiences at Glastonbury Festival 2016, from sleeping in a tented suite to getting there by private jet. Here’s how to do Glastonbury like an A-lister… Read full article

Fly Corporate - Brexit: A dog's dinner
(01 July 2016)

As the dust settles, some of the great and the good of the European business aviation industry have been kind enough to offer their thoughts on what’s left on the menu for operators now. Read full article

Daily Mail - How to live like a billionaire on a budget
(24 June 2016)

Tantalising tips that let you fly by private jet for £277, sleep on a superyacht for £100 and take home a David Hockney for £25... Read full article

Belfast Live - Bring your dog to work day is coming up
(21 June 2016)

The annual nationwide event raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. Read full article

Charter Broker - PrivateFly spreads wings to Miami
(13 June 2016)

PrivateFly has opened a dedicated US office in the Miami region. The launch is a key step forward in its US growth plans following strong sales over the past two years. Read full article

The Guardian - How to live like a billionaire on the cheap
(06 June 2016)

From private islands that can be yours for as little as £100,000, to yachts and jets to rent for just £90 a pop, the luxury lifestyle isn’t so exclusive after all. Read full article

The Times - Deal watch: Jetset on the cheap
(04 June 2016)

Flying luxury class in a private jet is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared with British Airways. Read full article

Financial Times - Smartphones and tablets make contact with aviation customers easier
(24 May 2016)

But while online booking has opened up the use of private aircraft, not everyone in the business thinks that this popular approach should deflect from the serious task of operating aircraft. Read full article

Sunday Times - SME Export Track
(15 May 2016)

PrivateFly is ranked 4th in the Sunday Times Export Track 100. League table shows sales, international sales, growth and a company profile. Read full article

Daily Mail - The most scenic landing strips in the world revealed
(22 April 2016)

Malta airport has been named as the most scenic landing in the world, edging several previous winners in an annual vote. Read full article

Wales Online - 9 of the most luxurious (and expensive) things you can buy in Wales right now
(04 April 2016)

Presidential suites, limited edition whisky, super cars and yachts are all within reach if you're prepared to splash the cash. Read full article

Business Airport International - Know before you go
(30 March 2016)

Adam Twidell, PrivateFly CEO, shares his top five tips for private aviation customers traveling to France for the Cannes Film Festival in May. Read full article

Raconteur - Disruption and technology changing business travel
(29 March 2016)

Flying to an international business meeting by private jet may sound pricey, but there are ways and means, involving a number of different options, which could be worthwhile. Read full article

Daily Mail - The most outrageous requests from private jet passengers revealed
(21 March 2016)

Private jet firms have revealed flyers' most amusing or bizarre requests. Read full article

Fly Corporate - Ryanair launches a private jet
(21 March 2016)

PrivateFly was first to inhabit the space in Europe. The company has more than 7,000 aircraft on its books and recently expanded into the United States. Read full article

Daily Mail - Ryanair launches a private jet
(09 March 2016)

Carol Cork at PrivateFly, said Ryanair would be able to undercut other private jet operators as it has stronger buying power on fuel and fees. Read full article

The Guardian - Ryanair launches corporate jet service
(09 March 2016)

Carol Cork at PrivateFly, said Ryanair would be able to undercut other private jet operators as it has stronger buying power on fuel and fees. Read full article

Luxury London - Is this the adventure? Hit the slopes in the USA, Canada & Japan
(04 March 2016)

Black Tomato and PrivateFly have teamed up to offer a whistle-stop ski adventure, taking in pistes in three countries in eight days, travelling by private jet. Read full article

BlueSky Business Aviation - PrivateFly announces 'key milestone' integration with FOS
(04 March 2016)

The private charter booking platform accelerates USA expansion via partnership with Rockwell Collins’ flight management system. Read full article

The Telegraph - Is this the most decadent ski holiday ever?
(24 February 2016)

PrivateFly and upmarket holiday company Black Tomato have teamed up to offer an eight-day luxury tour of the USA, Canada and Japan, travelling by private jet between each. Read full article

Net-A-Porter - The chic escape: Private jet experiences
(19 February 2016)

From a party in Coachella to island-hopping in the Caribbean, this charter service makes jet-set travel surprisingly affordable. Read full article

The Wealth Scene - The ultimate luxury ski tour
(19 February 2016)

PrivateFly & Black Tomato offer whistle-stop luxury ski adventure, including private jet travel between the USA, Canada and Japan. Read full article

Forbes - The most scenic airport approaches in the world
(05 February 2016)

PrivateFly is once again inviting everyone to make their picks for most scenic airports. To help get the party started, they reached out to experts in private aviation and luxury travel to share their choices. Yes, yours truly was included. Read full article

Luxury London - Frequent flying: PrivateFly's tour of the Caribbean
(17 November 2015)

Are you stuck for how to celebrate New Year? Fed up of the same boring club nights and dinner parties? PrivateFly will fly people from Sydney to LA on New Year. Read full article

Daily Mail - Fancy ringing in the New Year TWICE?
(13 November 2015)

Are you stuck for how to celebrate New Year? Fed up of the same boring club nights and dinner parties? PrivateFly will fly people from Sydney to LA on New Year. Read full article

ITCM - Fog-struck passengers turn to private jets
(04 November 2015)

Private jet booking service PrivateFly is reporting a 45% rise in online flight searches and additional flight bookings from passengers experiencing delays and cancellations due to UK airport closures earlier this week. Read full article

Business Airport International - Small is beautiful
(03 November 2015)

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, explains why big isn’t better when it comes to business aviation airports. Read full article

Applicantes - Infographic : Apps to live like a millionaire (Spanish)
(28 October 2015)

Apps to live like a millionaire. Read full article

Stylenest - Fly Privately
(23 October 2015)

To fly private is to be an elite within an elite. Far from the madding crowd, the delays, the screaming babies, the stale food and the plastic bathrooms, PJs, as they are affectionately known, are the ultimate in luxury travel. Read full article

Realbusiness - Business is soaring away for one SME in the private aviation sector
(17 October 2015)

Fancy flying off somewhere glamorous this weekend in your own private jet? Read full article

Business Airport International - The brand factor
(15 October 2015)

How important is FBO branding? Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, explores what a merger between two of the world’s biggest FBO chains means for the industry. Read full article

Daily Mail - Thrillseekers pay £48,000 for a ticket on board the world's fastest private jet to experience the Caribbean's top 'rollercoaster' runways
(06 October 2015)

Jet booking company, PrivateFly, has launched its ultimate flight itinerary. Read full article

Swissinfo - Geneva business aviation hits turbulence
(14 September 2015)

PrivateFly CEO Adam Twidell says the limited slot availability makes flight planning challenging, especially during the ski season and for last-minute requests. Read full article

EOnline - Inside Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Six-Figure Honeymoon Getaway!
(07 August 2015)

According to estimates from, a one-way private jet trip to Bora Bora costs around $124,000, meaning the roundtrip jet fare costs around $248,000. Read full article

Telegraph - Man sets record for longest birthday by flying between time zones
(06 August 2015)

Sven Hagemeier kept his 26th birthday going for 46 hours by flying across the International Date Line. Read full article

Talk Business - Five minutes with… Adam Twidell,
(17 July 2015)

This week we spend five minutes with Adam Twidell, CEO and co-founder of Read full article

Daily Mail - New Zealand's Queenstown Airport voted the most STUNNING runway approach in the world for its snowcapped mountains and pristine lakes
(16 July 2015)

An annual poll judged the airport as having the most breathtaking views for passengers as they come in to land. Read full article

Daily Mail - Secret life of a private jet pilot
(15 July 2015)

From flying the rich and famous around the world to hosting the ultimate mile-high party in the sky, no two days are ever the same for a private jet pilot. Read full article

Express - Come fly with me: Queenstown Airport voted 'world's BEST runway view'
(14 July 2015)

QUEENSTOWN Airport flew to top spot after being voted "world's best runway view of 2015". Read full article

Shop Chelsea - Jet Set Weddings
(13 July 2015)

As romantic gestures go, whisking your beloved off in a private aircraft is high altitude stuff.

BBC - Private jet travel gets the Uber treatment...
(02 July 2015)

A crop of companies, including PrivateFly, are changing how flying by private jet works with new online marketplaces that enable more choice, transparency and speed for on-demand bookings. Read full article

DailyMail - That's one way to avoid cattle class! 'Uber for private jets' planning London to Dublin route...
(15 June 2015)

PrivateFly both offer empty leg flights, much in the way camper companies offer bargain rates to return their vehicles to a home depot. Read full article

DailyMail - Private jets are the new first class: How elite travellers are swapping commercial flights for $1,750 monthly subscriptions to private planes
(21 May 2015)

The gap between flying business or first class and private jet travel is lessening: both in terms of price and accessibility. Read full article - World's most scenic airport landings - 2015
(20 May 2015)

A poll from Privatefly has revealed the world's most scenic airport landings for 2015. Read full article

Australian Business Traveller - The world's 10 most scenic airport approaches
(19 May 2015)

PrivateFly recently polled over 3,000 high flyers on their favourite spot to land. And the winner? It's just across the Tasman. Read full article

Aviation Week - The Top 10 Leaders For EBACE 2015
(19 May 2015)

We pick the movers and shakers, those who are helping create demand for business aviation through clever marketing and innovation. Read full article

The Luxonomist - Travelling as the stars ... and effortlessly (Spanish)
(15 May 2015)

PrivateFly is a platform that acts as a sort of ' one stop shop ' for booking flights in 8000 a fleet of private jets spread around the world. Read full article - Queenstown lands 'world's most scenic' airport
(13 May 2015)

Flying into Queenstown has been voted the world's most scenic airport approach - especially if you're in a private jet. Read full article

Telegraph - Queenstown Airport flying high
(12 May 2015) has revealed its annual Top 10 Airport Approaches. Read full article

Radio New Zealand News - Queenstown Airport flying high
(12 May 2015)

Queenstown Airport is the world's most scenic airport to land at, according to an international poll. Read full article

Entrepreneur - To increase website conversions, focus on these 5 strategies
(12 May 2015)

QBurst developed an app that let PrivateFly’s users choose an airport for departure and arrival along with flight dates and several other interesting features. Read full article

London Economic - The world’s best runway view
(11 May 2015)

Queenstown Airport has been voted the best runway view in the world according to a new poll which includes three UK entrants. Read full article

BlueSky - And they said it would never take off . . .
(27 April 2015)

As PrivateFly's industry-leading app celebrates its fifth anniversary, who's using it; where are they flying to and how much do they spend? Read full article

Daily Mail - Inside the booming industry of private jet design... where the super-rich splash out $90MILLION on luxury interiors
(27 April 2015)

They are the transport method of choice for the rich and famous and the popularity of private jet travel is only increasing.Read full article

Daily Mail - The 10 most expensive airports to land your private jet
(23 April 2015)

But for those lucky few who travel the world by private jet, the landing fees charged at airports can differ dramatically, with some surprising hubs asking for the highest fees. Read full article

Orange - “Uber for”, “Tinder for”: the famous apps’ spinoffs
(16 April 2015)

How do the concepts behind Tinder, Airbnb and Uber inspire other startups? Read full article

Daily Mail - How to holiday like a millionaire without a celebrity budget
(10 April 2015)

For European or international flights, try PrivateFly's 'Empty Legs' option which will get you 75 per cent off. Read full article

Business Airport International - Birth of a private jet
(18 March 2015)

Bringing a new aircraft to life is a hugely complex, expensive and time-consuming process. But it’s a fascinating and rewarding one. Read full article

Irish Examiner - A Scottish airport may win the world's most beautiful runway award
(18 March 2015)

You can vote for your favourite runway here. Read full article

Daily Mail - The most beautiful airport approaches in the world
(18 March 2015)

Fans can vote for their favourite airport landing here. Read full article

The Telegraph - Where to see the 2015 solar eclipse
(11 March 2015)

PrivateFly is currently offering personalised itineraries to those who would like to charter their own jet up north. Read full article

Corporate Jet Investor - How to charter a private jet
(02 March 2015)

Chartering a private jet can be a complicated process for somebody who has never done it before. Read full article

Fly Corporate - PrivateFly: Disruptive Charter
(26 February 2015)

PrivateFly’s innovative search platform disrupted the private charter jet market when the company launched in 2007.

PC Pro - How to buy bitcoins and store them in a bitcoin wallet
(23 Janurary 2015)

PrivateFly lets you pay in bitcoin for a private jet flight to your destination of choice. Read full article

Daily Mail - Fly to the slopes by HELICOPTER!
(22 Janurary 2015)

Private jet company launches 'time-saving' service to transfer skiers from airport to resorts for £185. Read full article

El Financiero - Davos attracts 1,700 private jets (Spanish)
(21 Janurary 2015)

For this year’s World Economic Forum, Davos expects 1700 private jet movements and an increase in helicopter arrivals – a 100% increase for average movements for the area. Read full article

Olekzone - Davos attracts 1,700 private jets (Indonesian)
(20 Janurary 2015)

Billionaire and world leaders from around the world will fly to Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum event. Read full article

Newsweek - 1,700 Private Jets Descend on Davos For World Economic Forum
(20 Janurary 2015)

For private jet companies like PrivateFly, Netkets and VistaJet, this is by far their busiest time of year. Read full article - The 1 percent travels to the WEF in Davos (Flemish)
(19 Janurary 2015)

This week, 1,700 private flights expected to land in Zurich. Read full article

Daily Mail - 1,700 private jets set to fly into Davos for World Economic Forum.
(19 Janurary 2015)

This week the skies above Switzerland will be crammed full of private jets as billionaires and world leaders attend the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. Read full article

Daily Mail - The incredible private jets of the rich and famous
(15 Janurary 2015)

Here, we look at the most stunning private planes - and their well-known owners - to see just what $83 million (or £55,000,000) can really buy. Read full article

Corporate Jet Investor - PrivateFly looking for £6 million to continue growing
(24 December 2014)

PrivateFly, the online private jet marketplace, is looking to raise £6 million ($9 million) to allow it to grow faster. Read full article

Financial News - PrivateFly launches GBP6m fundraiser for expansion
(23 December 2014)

PrivateFly said it has announced it will be raising global growth capital in early 2015, to accelerate its international footprint.

Daily Mail - No plans for New Year's Eve?
(23 December 2014)

If you haven't got any plans for New Year's Eve but fancy celebrating in style, you're not too late. Read full article

Business Wire - PrivateFly seeks £6M fundraising for further expansion
(22 December 2014)

PrivateFly has announced it will be raising global growth capital in early 2015, to accelerate its international footprint. Read full article - PrivateFly seeks £6M fundraising for further expansion
(22 December 2014)

PrivateFly has announced it will be raising global growth capital in early 2015, to accelerate its international footprint.

The Sunday Times - Reach for the sky
(21 December 2014)

Private jet company seeks £6m injection for further expansion. Read full article

The Telegraph - New Year's Eve 2014: the world's best parties
(25 November 2014)

Our pick of the most extravagant and indulgent ways to celebrate New Year's Eve 2014 and New Year's Day 2015. Read full article

Realbusiness - Stories from entrepreneurs on their first funding experiences
(21 November 2014)

CEO Adam Twidell discusses how PrivateFly got its first funding; from selling his home in 2007 to raising £2 million in investment funding in 2011. Read full article

Daily Mail - Luxury holiday lets you celebrate New Year's Eve TWICE by flying from Sydney to LA in the world's fastest private jet (but it will cost £130,000)
(14 November 2014)

PrivateFly is offering travellers with a robust budget the chance to celebrate New Years Eve in not just one of the world's most renowned party cities, but two. In the same night. Read full article

The Guardian - Bitcoin: a beginner’s guide for entrepreneurs
(17 October 2014)

From pints in the pub to seats on private jets, businesses are using this new currency with great success. Read full article

St Albans Review - St Albans company arranged private jet flight for brave youngster Ted McCaffery and pop star Olly Murs
(07 October 2014)

PrivateFly will appear on ITV1, after flying Pride of Britain 2014 award winner Ted McCaffery and pop star Olly Murs in a private jet to Disneyland Paris Read full article

Telegraph - Eight essential travel apps
(07 October 2014)

From private-jet hire to concierge services, the best travel apps for iPhone and Android.

Thisismoney - 'We sold our home to set up comparison website for private jets!'
(06 October 2014)

Former RAF pilot and wife turned their idea into a £13m business. Read full article

Wyborcza - Most Air France flights have been cancelled. Passengers at airports to hire private jets
(16 September 2014)

Air France had to cancel 60 percent of their flights due to a pilot strike.
Furious passengers looking for alternative means to travel, some decide to hire a private aircraft.

Telegraph - Air France passengers fly private jet to avoid strike
(15 September 2014)

Passengers affected by an Air France pilot strike have chosen to fly by private jet to avoid missing out on their holiday. Read full article - Jetsetters, Las Vegas and Monaco, Gulfstream and Formula 1 share the spotlight
(08 September 2014)

With the sexiest Formula1 race of the year now a great memory, a couple of comparisons come to mind recapping summer 2014; the Gulfstream G550 to the 2014 Formula One race car. Read full article

London Evening Standard - How to be a high flyer: etiquette tips from London's top travellers
(02 September 2014)

As knee-defenders cause fights on flights and Ryanair joins the battle for business class, Lucy Tobin gets some jetiquette tips from the capital’s top travellers. Read full article

Huffington Post - Taking A Private Jet Can Be Cheaper Than You Think
(28 August 2014)

When your calves involuntarily cramp at the mere thought of flying in economy yet again, it might be time to book a private jet. Read full article

Telegraph - Can you really fly cheaper than Easyjet on a private plane?
(12 August 2014)

Flying privately can be cheaper than you think - with seats on exclusive planes regularly beating competitive prices from airlines such as Easyjet and British Airways. Read full article

HLN - Travel in luxury: fly a private jet (Dutch)
(12 August 2014)

Something to celebrate? Party? Hire a low price a private jet and fly to the Côte d'Azur. Sometimes that per person even cheaper than a ticket from a low-cost carrier. Read full article

The Guardian - Can't afford to fly in a luxury jet? How empty-legs deals make it possible
(11 August 2014)

After flying their super-rich customers off to exclusive haunts, private charter firms have found a way to earn extra money on the otherwise empty return journeys. Read full article

Visir - Cheaper to travel by private jet, but with low-cost airlines (Icelandic)
(11 August 2014)

Now you can save by traveling by private jet rather than flying with low-cost airlines. Read full article

Daily Mail - How you can fly by private jet for less than the cost of a budget airline.
(11 August 2014)

Travelling by private jet is becoming more and more accessible at prices so low they can beat those of the budget airlines. Read full article

The Sunday Times - EasyJet’s too pricy, I’ll take a private jet.
(11 August 2014)

Canny travellers are finding great deals on private plane hire when their A-list owners are not aboard. Read full article

Telegraph - When private jets are cheaper than budget airlines
(11 August 2014)

Unusually aggressive discounting means savvy travellers can now fly via private jet for less than the cost of an easyJet flight. Read full article

ETN Global Travel News - Private jets challenging budget airlines' prices
(10 August 2014)

Traveling by private jet is becoming more and more accessible at prices so low they can beat those of the budget airlines. Read full article

Sydney Morning Herald - The stunning world of private jet travel
(08 August 2014)

No queues. No waiting. No taking off your shoes for security. Take-off when you want, arrive when you want. Yes, private jet travel is the answer to some seriously first world problems. Read full article

Financial Review - High-flying world of private jet travel
(08 August 2014)

No queues. Nowaiting. No taking off your shoes for security. Take off when you want, arrive when you want. Read full article

CNBC - Private jet charter to the World Cup: $250K, plus expenses
(17 June 2014)

If you're thinking about a last-minute private-plane splurge to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, you may need to bring a lot of cash—and patience. Read full article

East London Advertiser - London City one of the world's most scenic approaches
(22 May 2014)

London City’s runways in the former Royal Docks at Silvertown has been voted into the Top 10 stunning airport landings in a passengers’ poll by PrivateFly. Read full article

Aviation Week - PrivateFly CEO Internet Pioneer
(20 May 2014)

PrivateFly was the first private jet booking platform that allowed customers to book from beginning to end online. Read full article

St. Maarten Island time - St. Maarten airport named second in the world's most stunning airport approaches
(20 May 2014)

St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport has been named the second most stunning airport approach in a recent survey by travel fans around the world in PrivateFlys Airport Approaches Survey. Read full article

New Zealand Herald - New Zealand home to one of world's 'most scenic' airports
(20 May 2014)

Private aviation website has named our very own winter wonderland Queenstown as one of its top 10 most scenic airports. Read full article

Actualidad - Los aeropuertos con mejores vistas desde las ventanas de un avión
(15 May 2014)

El portal publicó un índice de popularidad de las mejores vistas de un aeropuerto desde la ventana de un avión durante el despegue y el aterrizaje. Read full article

extracrew - Niza, el aterrizaje más espectacular
(15 May 2014)

Ha obtenido el primer puesto en el ranking de las 10 tomas más espectaculares del mundo Read full article

Aeronews - Aeroportul Nisa, cel mai frumos approach
(15 May 2014)

PrivateFly, serviciul privat de booking, a publicat castigatorii editiei 2014 Top 10 aeroporturi din lume cu cel mai spectaculos approach. Dupa Barra, Scotia (2012) si St. Maarten (2013), in acest an aeroportul Nisa (NCE) a castigat marele premiu. - Мне у окна, пожалуйста! Аэропорты с лучшими видами из иллюминатора
(14 May 2014)

Онлайн-портал опубликовал ежегодный рейтинг лучших видов из окна иллюминатора самолета при взлете и посадке. Read full article

flyertalk - Most beautiful airport approach award
(14 May 2014)

PrivateFly announces the results of its 2014 airport approach Read full article

FliegerWeb - Anflug auf den London City Airport
(14 May 2014)

Neben Nizza, Rio und Gibraltar wurde der Landeanflug auf den London City Airport bereits zum dritten Mal zu den eindrucksvollsten der Welt gewählt. Read full article

Travel News - London City voted in world's top airport landings
(14 May 2014)

London City Airport has been named one of the most stunning airport approaches in the world Read full article

Stornoway Gazette - Barra Airport voted in world's top 3 airport landings
(14 May 2014)

PrivateFly's 2014 airport approaches poll has placed Barra Airport in the top 3 Read full article

Forbes - World's most scenic airports
(14 May 2014)

PrivateFly have published their 2014 airport approaches poll, as voted by 5000 individuals Read full article

STV News - Barra among world's most scenic airport approaches
(14 May 2014)

Barra Airport has finished third in poll of the worlds most stunning airport approaches Read full article

The Telegraph - Most scenic airport approaches from across the world
(13 May 2014) has revealed its annual Top 10 Airport Approaches. PrivateFly ask travellers around the world to vote for their favourite places to land. Read full article

Fly Corporate - Airops quoting tool with PrivateFly
(9 May 2014)

Airops Software has announced its software upgrade UK online charter provider PrivateFly.

BlueSky Business Aviation News - Airops reveals upgraded quoting tool for operators
(8 May 2014)

Airops Software has announced its integration with PrivateFly Read full article

Daily Mail - London to Dubai on the world's fastest private jet
(24 April 2014)

The Gulfstream G650 is now available to charter in Europe Read full article

Let's Talk Business - PrivateFly talks about accepting Bitcoin
(21 April 2014)

Let's Talk Business chats to PrivateFly on how accepting Bitcoin is working for them Read full article

The Telegraph - The worlds fastest jet available to charter
(17 April 2014)

With a 3 year waiting list to buy a G650 PrivateFly offers the chance to charter the in demand private jet Read full article

The Guardian - Where to spend Bitcoin in the UK
(16 April 2014)

Charter a private jet using Bitcoin Read full article

MSN Travel - World's fastest private jet is available for charter for the European market
(12 April 2014)

Charter the most desirable private jet, the Gulfstream G650 Read full article

CBC News - Peter Jackson's Gulfstream G650 aiding search of Malaysia Air MH370
(2 April 2014)

In times of crisis private jet owners lend their aircraft to good causes Read full article

Huffington Post - Private jet industries reaction to George Osborne's 'unfair' tax hike
(24 March 2014)

PrivateFly CEO Adam Twidell claims that increasing taxes on private jets was "unfair". Read full article

Vote for Aruba
(27 February 2014)

Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport has been shortlisted as one of the most stunning global airport approaches by Read full article

Daily Mail - PrivateFly reveals the 26 most beautiful views you can see while landing
(26 February 2014)

PrivateFly reveals 26 beautiful views have topped a poll by a host of industry experts of the most scenic airport approaches.Read full article

Cornish Guardian - Newquay Cornwall Airport shortlisted
(26 February 2014)

Newquay Cornwall Airport has been shortlisted by a panel of travel industry experts of airports with the world's most stunning approaches.

Pilot & CEO Adam Twidell expects commitment to take PrivateFly to new heights
(25 February 2014)

Adam Twidell PrivateFly CEO - "I allow people to do the job without someone looking over their shoulder"

CoinDesk - Bitcoin millionaire books private jet with PrivateFly
(04 February 2014)

Less than one month after announcing its decision to accept bitcoin, private jet charter service booked its first bitcoin passenger completed a flight from Brussels to Nice Cote D’Azur. Read full article

CoinDesk - Private jet service accepts Bitcoin
(11 January 2014)

Private jet booking service announces that it is now accepting payment in bitcoin. Read full article

CNN - The world's most scenic airport approaches working with a team of industry experts havr drawn up a shortlist of the world's most scenic airport approaches. Read full article

The Telegraph - places where you can spend bitcoins
(10 January 2014)

The Telegraph explores 10 places where you spend your bitcoins in the UK including PrivateFly. Read full article

Telegraph Luxury - The ultimate parties for New Year's Eve 2013
(30 December 2013)

Those that can’t get enough of New Year’s Eve have the chance to experience it twice with PrivateFly. Read full article

Daily Mail - The supreme way to enjoy New Year's Eve
(30 December 2013)

PrivateFly are offering the ultimate party for New Year's Eve which will allow passengers to celebrate midnight in Australia and again in the USA. Read full article

This is London - Photo exhibition celebrates 50 years of the private jet
(06 December 2013)

Visitors to London City Airport’s main terminal will enjoy a glimpse of the private jet lifestyle this December. Read full article

EyeForTravel - How Snowden-inspired marketing engaged private jet customers
(05 December 2013)

Can Edward Snowden fly from Moscow to London by private jet? It was a question that appeared on the Twitter feed of private jet company Private Fly in response to a story of the American national security fugitive. Read full article

Elite Traveler - Best private jet photo of the year
(02 December 2013)

Private jet booking service has announced winners of its 2013 Private Jet Photography Awards. Read full article

The Guardian - VIP Verbier skiing
(30 November 2013)

A profile of the VIP Verbier experience, where skiers can now take a private jet from Luton to Sion airport, complete with a week in a fully catered luxury chalet, ski passes and driver service. Read full article

Corporate Jet Investor - Private jet photo Fly photo award winners revealed
(28 November 2013)

The photographers celebrated in PrivateFly’s Private Jet Photography Awards 2013 “capture the romance of business aviation. Read full article

Embelezzia - Ganas de reservar un jet privado
(10 November 2013)

¿Ganas de reservar un jet privado? Llega una nueva aplicación móvil para este servicio: PrivateFly. A profile of the new PrivateFly app. Read full article

CNN - Can businesses learn from each others secrets?
(25 October 2013)

PrivateFly's Algy Trotter spent one morning a week in November 2010 at Addison Lee, a London-based private hire car business to learn new insights. Read full article

TravelElite Magazine - Techie travel Companions
(24 October 2013)

The app lets you pick your aircraft of choice to go with your specific itineraries anywhere in the world. Now, this is just what every serious jetsetter needs. Read full article

Financial Times - Innovation Exchange
(22 October 2013)

Algy Trotter spent one morning a week at Addison Lee, the liaison led to the two companies launching a private jet service under the Addison Lee brand, provided by PrivateFly. Read full article

BlueSky: PrivateFly's got The X-Factor
(11 October 2013)

Private jet charter network PrivateFly makes an appearance on ITV’s The X Factor this weekend. The company has a starring role in a film featuring members of pop band JLS. Read full article

The Sunday Times: How I Made It: Adam Twidell, founder of PrivateFly
(8 September 2013)

An interview between the Sunday Times and Adam Twidell, founder and CEO of PrivateFly. Profiling his background and the secrets of his success, and how the experts said his idea would never work. Read full article

Marketing Week - How to make the most of your budget using social media
(9 August 2013)

Marketing Week brought together seven marketing experts to discuss how they justify social media spend in terms of both time and money. The panel included PrivateFly's Sales and Marketing Director Carol Cork. Read full article

Lusso Magazine: Book your next $500,000 private jet on your iPhone
(22 July 2013)

We use our smartphones for everything these days, even private jet flights worth half a million dollars. Read full article

CNBC: Apps for private jet take off!
(18 July 2013)

The price for the large, Boeing Business Jet wasn't that uncommon in the world of private jets. What was unusual, however, was the way the family booked: through an iPhone app. Read full article

GQ Magazine - St Tropez
(15 July 2013)

Read GQ magazine’s review of Saint Tropez including chartering a helicopter with PrivateFly over the French Riviera.

The Telegraph - Edward Snowden’s travel options to reach Venezuela 'are slim at best'
(12 July 2013)

The Telegraph investigates how the marooned US whistleblower can reach the likeliest asylum destination of Venezuela. PrivateFly was consulted on the logistical hurdles and aircraft options to perform the route. Read full article

The Telegraph - $500,000 jet flight booked from an via iPhone
(12 July 2013)

PrivateFly announces biggest ever private jet flight sale via iPhone app. Read full article

iPad Apps for Highly Successful People

PrivateFly's iPad app for private jet charter is included in the Top 10 Apps for Millionaires. Read full article

Forbes: Private jets at your fingertips pocket
(07 May 2013)

Forbes looks at the latest app developments, including the PrivateFly app that lets you book private jet flights in minutes. Read full article

CNN: Private jets are becoming possible for the come within reach of business travelers
(14 March 2013)

A look at the latest developments in the private jet industry and how it is performing. PrivateFly has done for the private jet industry what Expedia and Priceline did for commercial flights. Read full article

About Property - Europe’s property hotspots and private jets
(12 March 2013)

So which cities are doing particularly well? One way to test that out is to consider where Europe's private jets are stopping. Read full article

VegasInc - Las Vegas voted one of the world’s most stunning airport arrival cities
(4 February 2013)

What happens when a bunch of aviation geeks get together to talk about the best airport approaches in the world. Read full article

The Scotsman - Barra is the world’s second most stunning airport
(29 January 2013)

Barra’s iconic beach runway has been named as among the most stunning approaches. Read full article

LA Weekly - LAX is one of the most scenic landings in the world
(29 January 2013)

Is L.A the greatest city on earth? Some would agree, with LAX being voted the third most scenic aircraft approach in the world, in a travel poll by private jet booking service Read full article

Ideas Begin on Paper - something remarkable is worth talking about
(20 December 2012)

PrivateFly is the fastest growing private aviation company in Europe, the company allows users to pinpoint the best available private aircraft at the most competitive, transparent market price. Read full article

Bluesky Aviation: teams up with Chris Evans for BBC Children in Need
(22 November 2012)

Private jet booking service,, teamed up with the BBC’s Chris Evans to provide a private jet for the Radio 2 host’s Children in Need Auction. Read full article

Financial Times: Aviation Apps
(30 October 2012)

Whether they get recommended word of mouth or handed to pilots as company-approved tool-kit, apps are changing the way private jets corporate aircraft are bought, sold, booked and flown. Read full article

Reuters: Jet Charter, Card or Fractional
(26 October 2012)

Should high-flyers charter a private jet on an ad hoc basis, tie their money up in a jet card, or buy shares in a fractional scheme? Read full article

South China Evening Post: Come fly with me
(2 September 2012)

Charter a jet for the day and head to France with a London-based private jet company that offers day trips for epicurists, writes Joanne Harker. Read full article

Financial Times: Arriving on a jet plane?
(6 August 2012)

Ahead of the Olympics, the UK's Civil Aviation Authority was expecting upwards of 10,000 flights by general aviation aircraft – that is, anything from hang gliders to transatlantic private jets – during the busy games period. Read full article

How to Spend it: Jet off to Bordeaux
(21 July 2012)

Thanks to private aircraft charter PrivateFly and wine merchant Bordeaux index, you can ditch the soggy suit, say goodbye to public transport delays and jet off for a day of fine wines. Read full article

Flight Global: PrivateFly launches in Europe
(14 June 2012)

UK online business aircraft booking service has expanded into France, Germany and central Europe, where it says it has begun offering dedicated local web platforms. Read full article

HR Magazine: Pilots and London tube drivers in same salary bracket
(28 May 2012)

The most common salary band for pilots is £40,000 to £70,000, the same as a London tube driver. According to's survey of 360 pilots in the UK, almost half of pilots earn under £70,000, with one in five earning £40,000 or less. Transport for London reports a tube driver's average annual salary is £46,000. Read full article

The Australian: amazing airports
(19 December 2011)

Hold on to your seats, this is air travel at its most spectacular. The world's most amazing airports to fly in to have been revealed in a survey by jet hire company PrivateFly. Read full article

Real Business: Adam Twidell
(8 December 2011)

A profile of founder Adam Twidell on Red Bull Hangar-7, burning cash and space tourism. Read full article

The Independent: Barra beach airport tops poll
(7 December 2011)

An airport at the edge of the Atlantic, where planes touch down on the beach, has been named the world's most spectacular place to land. Read full article

The Next Woman: Carol Cork on Private Aviation
(5 December 2011)

Carol Cork, co-founder of Read full article

TechCrunch: PrivateFly raises £2 million
(28 September 2011)

PrivateFly has established a private jet and helicopter booking service that lets you find, compare and book private charter flights in one place. The company has now raised £2 million to roll out internationally. Read full article

Reuters: Raises £2M Funding
(28 September 2011)

The private aviation market shakes up as disruptive technology platform for private jet hire announces successful fundraising. Read full article

Evening Standard: Addison Lee private jet hire
(22 September 2011)

London's biggest minicab firm Addison Lee today started offering private jets alongside its more conventional car service, in partnership with Read full article

Director Magazine: Two's Company
(24 April 2011)

Director Magazine (from the Institute of Directors) interviews co-founders Adam Twidell and Carol Cork from Private Jet booking network, Read full article

Aerospace eBusiness: Why won FlightGlobal's Site of the Year award
(9 February 2011)

Ludo Van Vooren, Judge of the Flightglobal Webbies Awards explains why PrivateFly won Website of the Year Award. Read full article

Flightglobal Webbies Awards: PrivateFly Website of the Year
(4 February 2011) won the category of Best Website, for its simple design, efficient functionality and broad community participation. "PrivateFly has the potential of changing Business Air Charter in the same way iTunes changed the music industry." Read full article

RED: Carol Cork in Red's Hot Women Shortlist 2010
(December 2010)

Talented, Determined, Inspirational: Carol Cork PrivateFly's Marketing & Sales Director is shortlisted on Red's Hot Women awards 2010. Read full article

BBC News: London City Airport in top 10 of best runway approaches
(21 November 2010)

London City Airport has featured in a top 10 list for having one of the most scenic runway approaches in the world. The airport was one of only two UK stops featured in the list of best airport approaches. Read full article

E-TID: expands luxury product
(15 July 2010) customers can now compare and book private jet travel through a white label version of the website. Read full article


TRAVEL WEEKLY: offers private jet charters
(15 July 2010)

Private jet charters are being made available online through customers will be able to compare and book private jet travel by accessing PrivateFly's network of 2,700 approved operators through a white label version of the website. Read full article

THE GUARDIAN: Icelandic volcano: latest travel advice for passengers
(19 April 2010)

While volcanic ash is damaging to jet engines, Private aviation company says it has been chartering piston planes across Europe in the last few days to get passengers moving. Read full article

CNN: Quest Means Business
(19 April 2010)

Adam Twidell of PrivateFly joins CNN’s Richard Quest live on air to discuss Europe’s airspace in the wake of the Volcanic ash. Read full article

HUFFINGTON POST: Volcanic Ash Chaos Causes Surge In Demand For Private Jets
(19 April 2010)

How Europe’s stranded customers are now turning to private jet options, including a British bride-to-be. Read full article

SPEARS: App my jet
(04 February 2010)

As the presiding wisdom of the age declares, if it can be done, it can be done on with an iPhone app, and now that includes booking your private jet. If you download the app - for free, no less - you can enter your departure and arrival cities, choose your dates and then pick your plane size.

Times Online: PrivateFly's Adam Twidell
(21 January 2010)

Private jet boss Adam Twidell is also a freelance pilot and has a clever scheme for skipping airport queues and getting upgrades - he simply wears his uniform. Read full article

The Telegraph: Private jet company ready for take off
(15 December 2009)

Next time you are landed with a hefty parking fee, spare a thought for the pilots of the private jets at London City Airport, or rather the owners of those jets. Read full article

THE TIMES: The hottest website in travel?
(23 May 2008)

In a Dragon's Den of travel websites, the winner is PrivateFly, a site offering hundreds of private jet operators in one place. Read full article

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