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Air Ambulance and Medevac

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24/7 Medical Evacuation +44 (0) 1747 642 777

Air Ambulance and medevacPrivateFly has extensive experience in arranging medical evacuation and medical repatriation services.

We offer a rapid 24-hour response service and can arrange an air ambulance, medevac or medical transportation service for patients and their families, medical care providers and private insurance companies.

Call us on +44 1747 642777 (24 hours)


An air medical evacuation / medevac / medivac is a method of transporting patients who are too ill to travel long distances by ground.

An air ambulance is a private jet that has been specially equipped for a patient that requires extensive or urgent medical assistance during transportation.

It is the safest and quickest travel option for patients who are too sick or weak to endure the rigours of commercial flights.

Private jets and air ambulances can use ten times more airports than commercial airlines, allowing to operate into the closest airports to the treating and the receiving hospitals.

The aircraft is manned by a medical flight crew including a doctor and or a nurse and carries extensive medical equipment including respirators, medication, an ECG, CPR equipment and stretchers.

PrivateFly are available 24 hours a day on +44 1747 642777 or contact us.

Air Ambulance Charter

Through our global network, PrivateFly provides access to a range of accredited operators who provide specialist medical transport and air ambulance services worldwide.

The PrivateFly network locates the most suitable medical transportation aircraft and evacuation services for the circumstances including:


Helicopter Ambulance for Medical Evacuations by air1 - Helicopters Eurocopter AS350 – AS355

Helicopters are often used in remote areas or mountains for medical evacuations. Helicopters do not need a runway to land and therefore can get closer to the place where the patient needs to be picked up and the place where he needs to be dropped. However, the range of the helicopters is limited; these can only operate for a maximum of 2 hours flight time.

Beech King Air 2002- Beech King Air 200

This twin turbo-propeller has made its proofs in the civil aviation, offering cost effective solutions for short-range flights. In addition to its relatively low operating costs, the King Air 200 can operate into airports with short runways and grass runways. Therefore, it is viewed as a good option for medical evacuation, offering a wide range of airports to operate from and into.

Beech King Air 2003- Learjet 35A

As with all Learjets, the Learjet 35 is known for its flight range, combined with good handling characteristics, low fuel burn and fast cruise speeds. It has a range of up to 1,900nm and is the best option for a speedy medical evacuation for a 3 hours flight.

Dassault Falcon 504 – Dassault Falcon 50

The Falcon 50 is a super-mid-size jet offering an increased range and cabin volume, allowing enough space for both the patients and the medical crew to have a comfortable flight. Its performance levels are high, such as its range and its takeoff distance and steep approached capabilities (Falcons are the only heavy jets allowed into London City airport), make it an excellent choice for flights within 3 200 nautical miles.

Air Ambulance and medevac5 – Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 is the state-of-the art air ambulance. It has a higher range than the Falcon 50, capable of flying up to 4 000 nautical miles. It can perform long range ambulance flights with no stop and offering ultimate comfort and equipment for the patient, the crew and the accompanying passengers.

24 Hour emergency medical flight charter

For an urgent air ambulance response, call +44 1747 642777 or contact us.

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