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PrivateFly private aviation surveyPrivateFly undertakes regular private and general aviation surveys.

Recent survey subjects have included business travel, private aviation operators and aircraft pilots and passengers.

If you require further information on our surveys, or would like to be invited to take part in future surveys please contact us.


PA survey 2013Pilotless Flights
PrivateFly asks: would you fly by private jet with no pilots? Pilotless Flights

PA survey 2013PA Survey 2013
PrivateFly examined the travel booking challenges for today's PAs and assistants, in association with PA Life. PA Survey 2013


business aviation survey 2013Business Aviation Survey 2013
PrivateFly asked industry professionals for their views on business aviation for 2013. Business Aviation Survey

scenic airport approaches surveyAirport Approaches
See which global airport landings are considered the world's most scenic in our annual travel poll. Favourite Airport Survey


business travel surveyBusiness Leaders Travel 
PrivateFly contacted business leaders to understand their travel habits. Business Travel Survey

private jet operator surveyPrivate Jet Operators 
Private jet Operators explained their requirements. Private jet operators


scenic airport approaches surveyPilot Survey 2012
Read pilot's views on the aviation industry, skills, careers and rewards. Pilot Survey


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