The PrivateFly Price Guarantee

PrivateFly searches the market to find the best aircraft, at the lowest price – for every flight.
That’s why we offer a Price Guarantee: We promise our prices will beat any other equivalent charter quote.

How can we guarantee our prices?

  • Your request is instantly distributed to 7,000 accredited aircraft, giving you the widest possible choice of options and prices for any global flight.
  • You can compare all flight quotes online, plus PrivateFly sends a summary of best options.
  • Our technology tracks live aircraft location, pinpointing the best-placed aircraft (minimising additional repositioning fees).
  • All aircraft operators bid for your flight in an open marketplace. This results in the lowest, transparent market prices.
  • When possible, we’ll match your itinerary to available empty legs, giving up to a 75% discount on the usual charter price.

Terms of the PrivateFly Price Guarantee

1. The Price Guarantee applies to a quote for the same itinerary, on an equivalent aircraft of the same type and specification, received within 14 days of our price.

2. PrivateFly only works with accredited operators and aircraft, who meet strict safety and VIP service standards. So we guarantee that you won’t find a better charter price on an aircraft which meets these standards. PrivateFly’s safety policy.

3. There are no hidden costs with our pricing. PrivateFly will always quote fully-inclusive of all operational costs and our Price Guarantee applies to a like-for-like inclusive quote. An apparent lower price elsewhere may not include all operational elements.

For any questions or advice on private charter pricing, call our team (24 hours) on {{telephone}} or contact us.