Our Midsize Jet Card offers guaranteed access to a range of preferred aircraft in the Midsize category, at a fixed hourly rate of €8,450. These are comfortable and spacious aircraft seating up to eight people, for flights of up to four hours.

  • 3hr fly time
  • 4-6 passengers

All the aircraft used for our Midsize Jet Card flights are handpicked by our expert team, giving you a safe and exceptional flight, every time.

As part of the Directional Aviation group, you have the reassurance of flying with one of the world’s leading private aviation companies, offering the highest levels of safety and service.

Our Midsize Jet Card gives you access to a selection of preferred aircraft in the Midsize category, which are operated by our preferred operator suppliers.

These include the Citation Excel, Citation XLS/+, Gulfstream G150, Hawker 750, Hawker 800 series, Hawker 900 series, Latitude, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Learjet 60, Legacy 450.

Midsize Jets offer a very comfortable flight experience for up to eight passengers. These aircraft typically fly nonstop for up to four hours, and offer cabin amenities such as reclining seats; personalised cabin controls; plus a private bathroom.

A well-equipped galley allow a range of catering, hot and cold drinks to be served onboard and there is plenty of space for a generous luggage allowance for each passenger.

Jet Card Key Benefits

Access to handpicked aircraft in the Midsize Jet category, operated by our preferred suppliers.

Our Midsize Jet Card hourly rate is based on flight zones in Europe, as indicated on the map.

The fixed hourly rate of €8,450 applies for flights between destinations in Zone 1; or between Zone 1 and Zone 2. For flights between Zone 2 destinations a surcharge of 35% applies. Quotes are available for flights between Zone 2 and other destinations; or between destinations that are outside of the zones.

The PrivateFly Jet Card is available for a range of aircraft categories, to suit your flying requirements

Light Jet+

Guaranteed access to a range of the latest aircraft at the top of Light Jet category - at a fixed and competitive hourly rate of €7,000.

Midsize Jet

Guaranteed access to a range of preferred aircraft in the Midsize category, at a fixed hourly rate of €7,950.

Heavy Jet

Guaranteed access to select, large cabin jets in the Heavy category, at a fixed hourly rate of €11,700.

For a personalised proposal of how the PrivateFly Midsize Jet Card could work for you, talk to our expert team.

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