Spotlight: Diamond Twin Star

The Diamond Twin Star is green, fast and cost-effective for short flights

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Seats: 3        Speed: Up to 172 kts        Range: Up to 1129nm

Diamond Twin Star Private jetFaster than any car, train or helicopter, and one of the greenest and most cost-efficient private aircraft on the market, every flight on board the Diamond DA-42 Twin Star sparkles!

The Diamond DA-42 Twin Star private aircraft is powered by two highly efficient 1.7 litre turbo diesel engines which are based on a Mercedes-Benz automotive design.

The DA-42 Twin Star was certified in Europe in 2004 and was the first diesel-powered fixed wing aircraft to make a non-stop crossing of the North Atlantic.

The DA-42's two engines will burn just 45 litres an hour while cruising at a fast 333km/h (180kt). The Diamond Twin Star can fly from London to Dublin in just over an hour.

Diamond Twin Star

Diamond Twin Star private jetThe advantages of this aircraft:
· Fast, but with extremely competitive prices
· Low carbon footprint, burning far less fuel than any other aircraft
· A luggage compartment for up to 75kgs of baggage

The DA42 comes with a comfortable and spacious leather finished interior for four people, of which 3 can be passengers.

The Diamond Twin-Star's slick interior combined with fantastic fuel consumption and range, means that it is perfect for short flights, whilst remaining fast, exciting and comfortable.

Private flights on the Diamond Twin Star

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