PrivateFly Scenic Airport Poll Results 2020

In 2020, voters around the world selected their favourite Scenic Airports. Did your chosen landing make it into the top 10 this year? Join the conversation on social media using #ScenicAirports.

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The Top 10 Scenic Airports [Video]

Top 10 Scenic Airports 2020

1. Donegal Airport - Ireland
2. Msembe Airstrip - Tanzania
3. Skiathos (Alexandros Papadiamantis) Airport - Greece
4. Orlando Melbourne International Airport - USA
5. Barra Airport - Scotland
6. Bora Bora (Motu Mute) Airport - French Polynesia
7. St Maarten (Princess Juliana) International Airport - St Maarten
8. Praslin Island Airport - Seychelles
9. Dubai International Airport  - United Arab Emirates
10. Nadi International Airport - Fiji

1. Donegal Airport - Ireland

Voters said: "Stunning varied scenery including mountains sea and beautiful beaches in the vicinity of the airport and beyond throughout the whole of county Donegal. Exceptionally friendly and welcoming people to greet you on arrival."

"You can see all the islands, beautiful beaches. Errigal and the Rosses on the approach. Truly wild Atlantic way!!"

"It’s just the most wonderful scenery in the world..."

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2. Msembe Airstrip - Tanzania

Voters said: "Msembe Airstrip gives the best view of the largest, most scenic National Park in Tanzania. From the air, you get the best of the park, it makes you feel like you just want to remain above the ground just to take in what nature has to offer."

"Great view of the landscape and wildlife!"

"It is situated at the middle of the biggest national Park where the adventure begins by air when approaching the beautiful forest. Meanwhile viewing beautiful animals immediately after landing which includes the big five..."

3. Skiathos (Alexandros Papadiamantis) Airport - Greece

Voters said: "The landing is incredible. The sea, harbour, boats, trees and Skiathos town. Who would not want to see it!"

"A beautiful green island with gorgeous sandy beaches. The approach view is of green pine clad hills and beautiful golden sand, in the middle of the bluest sea. Fantastic!"

"Amazing view of the island of Skiathos and the feeling that you can touch the sea seconds before landing is fascinating. Moreover, being some meters away from the spot where the runway begins, it offers you a unique experience of the way a plane lands."

4. Orlando Melbourne International Airport - USA

Voters said: "The take off over the coastline is absolutely stunning! "

"Great views coming in day and night. Love flying in and out of Melbourne FL."

"As you fly over Central Florida not only do you get to see the wildlife, major highways and small towns but you also get to see the space coast as you come in further to land. If you come in from the east you then get the amazing view of Melbourne Beach and the Atlantic ocean. Breathtaking!"

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5. Barra Airport - Scotland

Voters said: "The airport is just a white sandy beach on a narrow strip of land surrounded by crystal blue seas. If you're very lucky the twin otter will have to bank sharply to enable it to land into the wind, on touch down you get a lovely rumble from the wheels as it lands on the rippled beach, and a shower of sea water from the remnants of the previous tide. How cool is that!"

"It is unique with a beach landing surrounded by islands and bright blue sea."

"I’ve flown it and it is stunning, nothing matches the approach to landing on sand and wet patches. Where else in the world does FOD clearance involve jellyfish?"

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6. Bora Bora (Motu Mute) Airport - French Polynesia

Voters said: "In the middle of a turquoise blue lagoon, beautiful!"

"Located on an island at the edge of the turquoise ocean between land and sky. Simply beautiful."

"Incredible views over the crystal waters of Bora Bora"

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7. St Maarten (Princess Juliana) International Airport - St Maarten

Voters said: "It has an amazing runway and a stunning view over the island/ocean."

"While on the plane you can already see the most beautiful island with boats dotting its shores and resorts lined up near the airport. Upon departure, you can capture the beauty of the island for one last reminder. On the ground, it's one of the best airports on the beach making take-offs and landings that more spectacular! Love SXM!"

"Gorgeous water views, and the most breathtaking landing ever, right over the beach where it feels like you can reach out and high five people swimming below you!"

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8. Praslin Island Airport - Seychelles

Voters said: "Surrounded by turquoise water as one discover the satellite islands and two of the world’s top beaches on the approach to the airport..simply paradise!"

"Seeing the mountains and the seas.. glimpse the rays flying through the waves! Its an ethereal feeling!"

"The approach is absolutely stunning. Both runways give you two different experience. One is coming over water and suddenly you're flying low over the trees and with the mountains on one side which is absolutely spectacular. On the other side you get a crystal view of the sea and a panoramic view of the island then suddenly you are flying over a white sandy beach and onto the runway."

9. Dubai International Airport - United Arab Emirates

Voters said: "Dubai offers some absolutely amazing views of the palms, the world islands and the Burj Khalifa."

"It is like flying into the future."

"Beautiful views of the city and sea."

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10. Nadi International Airport - Fiji

Voters said: "The views of the Nadi bay and mountainous regions are amazing when landing."

"Just getting into the Nadi international airport you see the mountain ranges and the islands, just out floating over the Pacific Ocean. Just picture perfect, and breathtaking..."

"It has the breathtaking views of the sunrise & the iconic sleeping giant mountain on the backdrop."

Regional Scenic Airport Winners

Check if your favourite local airport made it into our top 10 for each region - Europe, Asia, South & Central Americas & the Caribbean, North Americas, Africa & the Middle East, or Australasia.

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