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Fly personal. A trusted, tailored service made simple, delivered by your dedicated Personal Account Manager.

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At PrivateFly, we’ve extended our services to reach new heights of choice, consistency and personalisation.

Our Jet Card gives you more control over how you book and fly, with a bespoke service, tailored to your needs.

As a PrivateFly Jet Card member, you’ll have priority access to our premium family fleet and hand-picked aircraft from our safety-accredited network in Europe and the USA. A Personal Account Manager is on-hand to ensure every aspect of your journey is taken care of. No detail is too small. No request is too big.

Our technology simplifies enquiry to take-off for greater convenience. You can enjoy enhanced booking, guaranteed availability, fixed prices and streamlined payment terms - every time you fly.

Key benefits of the PrivateFly Jet Card

  • Enhanced control and convenience from fixed, upfront hourly rates.
  • Use your Jet Card seamlessly for flights in Europe and the USA via our sister company, Sentient Jet.
  • Streamlined booking process to access your preferred aircraft group, even at short notice.
  • Exclusive City Pair rates on popular routes.
  • Priority access to our family fleet aircraft and wider accredited network - with guaranteed aircraft availability.
  • Personal Account Manager, available 24/7.
  • Flexible booking and cancellation terms.
  • Share your card (unlimited sharing).
  • Every flight includes a 300% carbon offset.

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Jet Card hourly rates from €5,900

Choose whether you want to fly on Light Jets, Midsize jets, Super-Midsize Jets or Heavy Jets, depending on your travel requirements. The PrivateFly Jet Card offers hourly rates of €5,900 for the Light Jet Card, €7,950 for the Midsize Jet Card, €9,600 for the Super-Midsize Jet Card and €11,700 for the Heavy Jet Card - based on a 25 hour commitment.

Either way you'll benefit from highly-competitive jet card terms including guaranteed 24-hour access to our family fleet and other premium aircraft operator suppliers. You'll also enjoy discounted access to our City Pair fixed rate prices on popular routes, plus more flexibility and fewer peak day restrictions than other jet card providers.

PrivateFly Jet Card

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