Flying with babies & children by private jet: Family flights

From pregnancy, to flying with newborn babies, toddlers or teenagers, PrivateFly ensures a safe and comfortable experience for family flights by private jet charter.

Naturally clients flying with their families often have lots of questions - especially if they are new to private aviation - so here are our FAQs, whatever the stage of your family journey.

Talk to our expert team to discover how our Jet Card and Aviator Membership programmes can provide an exceptional solution to your family's travel needs. Contact us or call {{telephone}}.

Flying when pregnant by private jet

Up to what stage can pregnant women fly?

Pregnant women should take medical advice before planning to fly, and the health and wellbeing of the mother and the baby are our biggest priority. Most scheduled airlines do not allow travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy, and require a medical certificate after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Private jet operators generally follow the same guidelines, but there can be some flexibility to fly later if a doctor's letter supports this.

Is it more comfortable to fly by private jet when pregnant?

The benefits of flying by private jet when pregnant are numerous, with comfort and welfare significantly enhanced. You can avoid long periods standing in check-in or security queues, and exposure to lots of other people in crowded terminals and cabins. There is also more cabin space available, with reclining seats on most aircraft and flat beds on larger aircraft.

Can specialist catering be arranged on board for pregnant passengers?

We can arrange private jet catering for pregnant women according to both taste and medical advice. In the earlier stages of pregnancy, some women will prefer to avoid certain foods such as seafood, unpasteurised cheeses, nuts, undercooked meats or eggs. So our team will work with you to design a menu to accommodate your preferences.

Flying with young babies by private jet

How soon can I fly with a newborn baby?

There are no specific regulations, and you can fly with a newborn baby as soon as you are ready and need to arrange air travel, and have a valid passport in place for your baby. If the mother has given birth by Caesarian section, it may be necessary to get a doctor's letter, if you wish to fly before six weeks after the birth.

Does my baby have their own seat on a private jet?

As with commercial airlines, regulations permit that your baby can travel on your lap until the age of two years old, when they will then require a separate seat. We usually recommend that customers travelling with babies take their car seat on board the private jet. This can be strapped in a rear-facing chair, following the same safety guidelines as when you are travelling by car.

Can I take baby food and milk on board a private jet?

Baby food and baby milk can be taken on board your private jet, or this can be arranged for you as part our the specialist catering arrangements. Your baby milk and baby food can be given to the staff at the FBO (private jet terminal) on arrival, and can be taken on board the aircraft with the catering. Specialist baby food can usually be prepared as required.

Children's medication can also be taken on board the aircraft, subject to approved liquid limits and any local restrictions. We recommend that passengers inform us of any medical needs in advance, to ensure the most seamless and comfortable flight.

Does my baby need a passport to fly by private jet?

All babies need a valid passport to travel by private jet. As with all private jet passengers, we ask for passport details in advance. By pre-screening our passengers before the flight, we can allow a swift and seamless process when you arrive at the private jet terminal or FBO, so you can depart as quickly as possible.

Flying by private jet with toddlers & young children

At what ages does my child need their own seat on a private jet?

The regulation for private jets is the same as for airlines - a baby can travel on your lap up until the age of two years old. From aged two onwards it is required by law that he or she has their own seat. You may prefer to take a child seat or booster seat with you for comfort, or we can arrange to have this in place on your aircraft.

Many private jets have reclining seats and larger jets have flat beds on board, to ensure that you and your child can relax and sleep in maximum comfort.

Can I arrange on board entertainment for my child on a private jet?

Most private jets have on-board entertainment systems, with some models offering the most advanced viewing and communication solutions - including Wi-Fi in some larger aircraft, allowing you to stream your own content. We can arrange for entertainment and music according to you and your child's specific preferences. We can also arrange for books and toys to be waiting on board that will ensure a relaxing journey with your child.

Unlike most scheduled airlines, the in-flight entertainment can be switched on from the moment your child steps aboard the aircraft, to ensure they are happy and comfortable from the very start of their journey.

Most children also love the excitement of meeting their pilot up close, and visiting the flight deck - not something they can do on an airline flight.

Is private jet travel safe for me and my family

We are very experienced at arranging flights for families and are committed to the highest possible levels of private jet safety. PrivateFly has a rigorous and ongoing safety policy in place, working only with a verified network of aircraft that meet the highest standards. Our Group Safety Officer for Europe is always happy to answer any questions about private jet safety or security, and we can send our customers detailed reports and background about any of the aircraft in our network. PrivateFly safety policy

Can you provide special private jet catering for my child?

Private jet catering is designed around customer requirements, so we will discuss this with you before the flight and arrange for a menu to accommodate tastes that your child will enjoy the most. We can also provide specialist catering if your child has any food allergies or intolerances, or if you and your family have specific religious requirements.

Can I take my pram or buggy on board a private jet

You can take your child in a pram or pushchair right up to the aircraft steps, and it can be accessed in the luggage compartment or stored away in the cabin, for easy access. The pram or pushchair can then be ready and waiting as you leave your aircraft.

Can ground transport be arrange for me and my family on arrival or departure?

Our team will be pleased to help arrange your ground transport to and from the private jet airport, ensuring baby or child car seats are in place, as required. At some airports, we can arrange for cars to be waiting close to the aircraft steps, or just outside the private jet terminal, to ensure the swiftest and most seamless possible departure.

Travelling with teenagers by private jet

We can cater for all whims, appetites and musical tastes onboard, to keep discerning teenagers happy on your flight. In addition to using their own devices (with Wi-Fi in some cases depending on the aircraft), personal onboard entertainment is available to suit all preferences and ages in the family.

We can also arrange for magazines and newspapers to be waiting on board that are suitable for all ages and preferences in your family group.

Older children and teenagers also often enjoy the chance to meet the pilots up close, ask questions and see the flight deck.

How to arrange family flights by private jet

Talk to our expert team to discover how our Jet Card and Aviator Membership programmes can provide an exceptional solution to your family's travel needs. Contact us or call {{telephone}}.

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