Jet off for lunch at Fifteen Cornwall

Fly in your own private aircraft to Fifteen Cornwall on Watergate Bay in Cornwall, for a lunch trip to remember, in this stunning beach location.

A bespoke schedule and private aircraft allows a full day out, including a three-course lunch at Fifteen Cornwall - with stunning views of one of the UK's most iconic beaches.

The award-winning restaurant was launched in 2006 by Jamie Oliver and aims to inspire through food, with a focus on exceptional local ingredients and social enterprise.

Fifteen Cornwall

Cornwall by private jet charter

  • Depart and arrive from London (see details below), with departure just minutes after you arrive at the airport.
  • Champagne served en route.
  • A short drive to Watergate Bay from Newquay Airport's private jet terminal.
  • Enjoy a three-course lunch from Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall Italian-inspired menu, with sea views.
  • Time to enjoy the stunning surroundings of Watergate Bay before your return flight to London, at a time of your choice.

Private Flights to Newquay

Private flight to Cornwall

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London - Newquay (day return)
Aircraft: King Air (seats 8)
Flight time: 55 mins
Estimate charter price: £7,800

Lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall by Private jet

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