Jet Off the Beaten Path to Cat Island

The 700 islands, cays and islets of the Bahamas offer a wide array of activities and sights, from white sand beaches and clear turquoise water to hiking and snorkeling.

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And while the charms of major destinations such as Nassau, Eleuthera, or Paradise Island are well-known, there are many hidden gems among the 100,000 square miles of ocean, which are made accessible by private aviation.

Consider a beautiful island off the beaten path - Cat Island. While only commercially accessible by regional airliner connecting from Nassau or Grand Bahama, Cat Island presents a whole range of untouched natural wonder. From hiking trails in the rolling hills to lounging on the 8-mile Pink Sand Beach, it has something for everyone.

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As more luxury travelers discover the island, so has the demand for private air travel to Cat Island increased. The two main airports on the island can only be accessed by smaller aircraft. Instead of flying by commercial airlines to the bigger islands and connecting via a regional airline or ferry, many travelers are turning to private aviation to fly them directly.

PrivateFly, a leading private jet booking service, often arranges such flights for its clients. From smaller turboprop aircraft to heavy jets, it recommends and books the most appropriate jet from a network of over 7,000 aircraft.

Geoff Villano, PrivateFly’s SVP of Sales & Operations said demand for reaching remote Caribbean hideaways is increasing. “We’ve seen an uptick in clients seeking the more untouched islands - looking for vacations that are off the beaten track. Cat Island definitely falls in that category.”

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To fly from Miami directly to Cat Island, PrivateFly recommends using Arthur’s Town Airport or New Bight Airport. Both can be accessed by turboprop or small jet aircraft. For example, 9 passengers can fly roundtrip from Miami on a Cessna Grand Caravan for $11,000. For a slightly smaller group, 6 passengers can reach Cat Island from Fort Lauderdale on a KingAir E90 from $7,000 (one-way).

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And of course private aircraft charter offers other benefits, in addition to reaching remote spots. Villano explains: “Private charter eliminates long airport queues, security lines, and even the hassle of checking or carrying on luggage. Private jets often use smaller airports that offer a 15 minute check in process in a quiet, luxurious setting. Board your aircraft and relax - it’s that simple”.

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Rather than having feline associations, Cat Island is named after the infamous pirate, Arthur Catt and runs deep with history and culture. With a moderate climate and intimate resort properties, Cat Island is an untouched refuge for the discerning luxury traveler.

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