Private charter for human remains and coffins

PrivateFly's expert team can arrange rapid response private charter flights, to repatriate or transport the deceased from all over the world. Our team is highly-experienced, compassionate and available 24/7, for advice and assistance.

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Transport of human remains by private jet charter

The death of a loved one can be made additionally distressing if the deceased is away from home or the family's desired final resting place. Using private jet charter to transport their remains in a coffin or casket can help to ease the stress of a very difficult time, and ensure that the flight can take place as soon as possible, and with the maximum care and attention.

PrivateFly's experienced team understands the importance of this type of flight. We ensure that your loved one's remains are treated with the utmost dignity and respect at every stage, and in accordance with the religious or cultural requirements of the family - including time-critical transportation.

Air transport of coffins and bodies of the deceased

We know how much attention-to-detail matters for this most critical of transport requirements. Our team will guide you through the process, working with the funeral home, doctors, ground transportation and all other parties, to ensure that all the necessary documentation is in place, and to arrange secure and seamless, end-to-end transportation - as quickly as possible.

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A safe & secure network of private charter aircraft

A variety of private jet aircraft can be used to transport human remains in coffins and caskets and PrivateFly is integrated with a wide network of accredited aircraft operators, based all over the world.

There are a number of essential considerations to choosing a private jet to transport human remains, including the size of aircraft and dimensions of the cabin door and luggage hold. Our highly-experienced team will advise you on which types of aircraft will be most suitable for you, depending on the details of your requirements.  

PrivateFly is part of Directional Aviation, one of the world's largest private aviation groups. Our industry-leading group safety culture goes significantly beyond other brokers. Our Group Safety Officers, in both Europe and the US, oversee all our supplier relationships, working only with aircraft operators that adhere to the highest standards of safety and service. We are also an Argus Certified Broker and Wyvern Broker.

How to arrange a private flight for a coffin or human remains

Our team of 24/7 experts understands what is needed at this difficult time and can ease the stress of transporting your loved one's remains, recommending the right aircraft for your requirements, and guiding you through the process of arranging the flight as quickly as possible.

For expert advice, pricing and support from our team, contact us or call 020 7100 6960 (24/7).