Repatriation flights - private charter

If you need to arrange rapid repatriation of citizens stuck in an overseas country, our expert team is available 24/7 for advice and private charter flights at short notice.

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Call our expert team (24/7) on 020 7100 6960 to discuss your repatriation flight needs. 

Whether for private groups, or on behalf of governments, agencies and major organisations, our team has extensive experience of arranging private charter repatriation flights. This is often the fastest (or only) way to recover global citizens in situations where other forms of transport are limited or unavailable. Such as:

  • Natural disasters
  • Epidemics or pandemics
  • Industrial accidents
  • Political unrest
  • Medical evacuations (medevac)
  • Emergency cargo or freight charter, including medical supplies
  • Other commercial airline or airport disruption

PrivateFly flight

Our fleet: Repatriation flights 

PrivateFly is integrated with thousands of accredited private aircraft, based all over the world.

Our network includes helicopters; turboprops; light jets; midsize jets; long range jets and airliners. So we can provide the perfect aircraft to meet the requirements of any trip or mission.

We also provide access to specialist medical aircraft and crews, working primarily in Europe with EURAMI (European Aero-Medical Institute) accredited operators. Options and services include ICU specialist care; flat bed cabin configurations; specialist ramps; and aircraft that are suitable for passengers with accessibility issues.

Medical flights come with their own specialist medical crews, according to the passenger's specific needs. For any flight we can also provide a Flight Nurse as an additional service, providing assistance and support to vulnerable passengers throughout the trip.


Air Ambulance

Why choose PrivateFly?

  1. PrivateFly is owned by Directional Aviation, one of the largest private aviation groups in the world. This gives us - and our clients - a number of benefits including financial stability; competitive market pricing thanks to our greater buying power; and priority access to group-owned aircraft.
  2. Our industry-leading group safety culture goes significantly beyond other brokers. Our Group Safety Officers, in both Europe and the US, oversee all our supplier relationships, working only with aircraft operators that adhere to the highest standards of safety and service. We are also an Argus Certified Broker and Wyvern Broker. 
  3. We have a large number of reviews from happy clients and partners, and many new ones come to us as a result of a recommendation. We're extremely proud of the 900+ reviews of our service, which are collected and verified via the independent platform Trustpilot. Read our client reviews. 
  4. Medevac experience and expertise: Over many years, we have gained a deep understanding of the critical requirements of medical flights.
  5. Our multilingual, expert team is available 24/7 and ready to respond immediately to your needs. They know aircraft inside out so can help you weigh up the best options in a truly informed way. And our Client Services team manage every aspect of the flight from start-to-finish, including the coordination of all parties involved in the flight.
  6. Our partnership programme offers preferential commercial terms.


How to arrange a repatriation flight

Our team of 24/7 experts understands what is required in emergency situations and can guide you through the requirements and paperwork for your particular circumstances. We know that time is critical when you need to arrange a repatriation or other emergency flight, so we would recommend having as much information to hand so that the arrangements can be made without delay. Including:

  • For repatriation flights: Nationalities of all passengers; passport and visa information if applicable.
  • For medical flights: Patient's medical records; treating hospital/doctor contact details; receiving hospital/doctor contact details
  • For emergency cargo flights: Details of goods including any hazards; size and weight of the freight.

Call our expert team (24/7) on 020 7100 6960 to discuss your repatriation flight needs or contact us for advice and a quote.