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Brussels National Airport is the most popular in Belgium and has dedicated facilities for business aviation users.

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Brussels National Airport was created by German forces during World War II in the region of Melsbroek.

After the war the airfield was given back to Belgium. The Belgian government decided that Melsbroek was to be the new national airport when the old civilian airport Haren was deemed to small.

In 1940 Germans took over 1500 acres of fields reserved as a backup airfield. They established an airport and constructed 3 runways. The airport was named Fliegerhorst Melsbroek as the airfield buildings were constructed in the municipality of Melsbroek.

In September 1944, the British took control of the airport and eventually handed it over to the Belgians. The Belgian authorities made the airport at Melsbroek the new national airport due to the old civilian airport in Haren being too small.

In 1948 a new terminal building was constructed and two of the runways were lengthened.

In 1956 the Belgian government decided to construct a new airport using existing runways, the new buildings were built in the municipality of Zaventem.

The runways were lengthened further and terminals replaced over the years. Over the years it has experienced new development, complimented by large increases in passenger traffic.

Landing at Brussels National Airport

Brussels National Airport Location

Brussels Airport is located 11km northeast of Brussels. The airport is situated in 2 regions of Belgium, Zaventem and Machelen.

Brussels National Airport Facts

Call sign: BRU
Lat: 50.9017N
Long: 4.4983E
Elevation: 184 ft
Runway distance available: 11935ft

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Opening Hours

The airport is open 24 hours a day