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Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Overview summary

Chicago O’Hare International is a major hub for North America. In 2013 the Airport saw nearly nine hundred thousand aircraft movements, and has regularly been the world’s busiest airport in take off and landings.

This is partially due to the extensive number and varying lengths of runways, accommodating everything from Small props, to Large Airliners.

There is one private jet FBO at Chicago O’Hare, featuring a VIP suite and all amenities required to take full advantage of private jet charter.

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The Airport was first constructed in 1942 as a manufacturing plant for Douglas, to facilitate WW2 activities. After these needs dissipated, the Airport adopted the name ‘Orchard Field Airport’, giving rise to today’s IATA code.

In 1949, the Airport name was later changed in honour of Edward O’Hare’s valiant efforts and flying skills for the US Navy in WW2.

The 1950’s saw huge commercial expansion for the Airport, and most airlines relocated from Chicago Midway to O’Hare as facilities improved significantly.

Today the Airport continues to grow, and $6 billion capital investment plans to drastically modernise, and increase capacity further.

Landing at Chicago O’Hare International Airport


In Film

You might recognise Chicago O’Hare airport; it has proved popular with filming and starred in many box-office hits including Home Alone and Meet the Fockers.


The Airport lies roughly 17 miles northwest of the Chicago loop, meaning the city is accessible by car within 30 minutes.

The city is an important international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications and transportation. Chicago has a rich culture, including arts, film and theatre, comedy, jazz, as well as sports teams within all professional major leagues.

Whether on business or leisure in the ‘Windy City’, Chicago O’Hare provides access to an array of possibilities.


Airport codes: KORD/ORD
Latitude: 41°58'43"N
Longitude: 87°54'17"W
Elevation: 668 ft
Runway 1 - Direction: 04/22 Length: 2286m (7500ft)
Runway 2 - Direction: 04/22 Length: 2461m (8075ft)
Runway 3 - Direction: 09/27 Length: 2286m (7500ft)
Runway 4 - Direction: 09/27 Length: 2428m (7967ft)
Runway 5 - Direction: 10/28 Length: 3962m (13001ft)
Runway 6 - Direction: 10/28 Length: 3050m (10005ft)
Runway 7 - Direction: 10/28 Length: 2652m (9685ft)
Runway 8 - Direction: 10/28 Length: 3291m (10800ft)