Toulon-Hyeres by private jet and helicopter

Overview summary

Toulon-Hyeres Airport is a small airport, located on the French Riviera, between Nice and Marseille. It has dedicated facilities for private jet travellers and is popular as a private jet gateway to St Tropez (since St Tropez's own airport at La Mole cannot admit travellers from outside the EU Schengen area). 

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Toulon-Hyeres Airport History

Toulon Hyeres Airport was firstly opened as naval aviation base in 1925.

In June 1966 civil aviation activity began with a Nord 262 twin propeller aircraft flying from Toulon to Lyon. Later the Caravelle (one of the world's first medium range jet airliners), the Tristar and other historic aircraft landed at this airport.

The airport is currently shared between civil and military aviation.

Toulon-Hyeres Airport Location

Toulon-Hyeres airport is situated near the city of Hyeres. The airport is located 10 minutes from the city of Toulon but is also less than a 30 minutes drive from the popular resort of Saint Tropez.

Helicopter transfers from Toulon-Hyeres are available to Cannes, Nice or Monaco.

Toulon-Hyeres Airport Facts

Call sign: LFTH/TLN
Lat: 43° 05' 50.00" N
Long: 006° 08' 46.00" E
Elevation: 13 ft
Runway distance available: 2120m (6955ft)

Toulon Hyeres airport has one FBO, including one exclusively VIP airport terminal. The airport also has the following facilities:

  • Direct ramp access
  • Spacious passenger facilities
  • On-site customs and immigration clearance
  • Access to nearby hotel facilities
  • Fuelling services for aircraft
  • Catering

Toulon-Hyeres Airport on Film

Toulon-Hyeres Airport appears in the last scenes of the French movie “Vive la France” (2012), standing in for Figari-Sud Corse Airport.

Private jet charter availability at Toulon-Hyeres

Due to the presence of both military and civil aviation on this airport, the arrivals and departures are subject to slot availability.