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As the biggest city in the United States and one of the most famous in the world, New York City is our clients' #1 global destination for private jet charter - attracting those travelling for both business and leisure. At PrivateFly we arrange many domestic US flights to and from New York area airports, and it's also our top transatlantic destination for clients based in Europe.

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New York City's private jet airports

With 11 airports in total, the New York City area offers a wide choice of possible airports for private aviation. Some of these airports also offer multiple FBOs (private jet terminals), with 28 FBOs in total across New York City's airports.

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Teterboro Airport

New York City’s convenient business hub

Just on the other side of the Hudson River lays New York City’s designated business aviation airport. Teterboro Airport is dedicated to business aviation and no commercial airliners are able to land at this premium spot - making it New York City’s number one business aviation hub.

With a wide choice of operators having their aircraft based at Teterboro, 5 FBOs and short driving times into Manhattan, Teterboro Airport offers the whole package for private aviation passengers.

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Westchester County Airport

A flexible VIP option for North New York

Located just 50 miles north of Midtown, Manhattan Westchester County Airport is a popular alternative for private jet travellers looking for an alternative to Teterboro Airport - especially those looking to access the North of the city.

A very good infrastructure including 4 FBOs and multiple industry service providersmakes it one of the best-equipped business airports in the region.

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New York John F. Kennedy International Airport

The connecting hub

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is New York City’s main airport for commercial traffic but only handles a minor share of New York City’s private aviation.

Due to the heavy amount of traffic, private jet users should only consider JFK airport for a quick transfer to one of JFK’s many international connections, as delays can be expected on the ground and in the air.

PrivateFly would recommend this airport to private jet users only for connecting to commercial flights.

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New York LaGuardia Airport

The fast track to Manhattan

New York La Guardia Airport is the airport with the most convenient location for travellers who are looking to go to Manhattan also making it popular for a lot of commercial airlines.

Nevertheless private aviation slots can be hard to obtain at this airport and delays must be considered due to the traffic.

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Newark Liberty International Airport

A stylish way to start your flight

Newark Liberty International Airport's proximity to Manhattan makes it seem like one of the best alternatives for private jet users who travel to or from New York City, however, as it is the number one airport regarding aircraft movements it can cause some serious delays.

Aside from that risk, private aviation passengers can travel in style with excellent FBO facilities.

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New York Long Island MacArthur Airport

The underrated alternative

Not commonly known as one of New York City’s business airports, MacArthur Airport is one of the most underrated alternatives for private aviation travellers, especially those coming from Long Island.

MacArthur Airport's 24 hour access and excellent facilities, including 3 FBOs, as well as the long runways which can accommodate jets of any size make it an alternative to consider for our Long Island customers.

Call {{telephone}} for more information on New York Long Island MacArther Airport.

Stewart International Airport

The New York upstate alternative

Well known by local residents, Stewart Airport is a good option for those living in the North-western regions of the New York City area and the New York state.

The airport has undergone extensive modernisation making it one of the most modern ones in the state. In combination with its 24h opening hours this makes Stewart Airport an interesting alternative for private aviation travellers.

Call {{telephone}} for more information on Stewart International Airport.

Morristown Municipal Airport

The New Jersey business airport

Located just 20 miles northwest of Newark Airport and right by Highway 24, Morristown Municipal Airport is another great possibility for private jet users from the western New York City area.

With multiple aircraft operators based in Morristown and a choice of two FBOs, Morristown Airport offers many customers a viable and easy-to-reach alternative.

Call {{telephone}} for more information on Morristown Municipal Airport.

Linden Airport

New York’s secret regional airport

With a central location without tower restrictions, Linden airport is often termed as the secret regional airport for New York. Used as an alternative to nearby Newark Airport, Linden is a gateway to the New Jersey Metropolitan area.

Located between two main interstate highways, Route 1 and Route 95, Linden Airport was originally built as a military airport for the Navy, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.

Call {{telephone}} for more information on Linden Airport.

Republic Airport

Long Island's choice for business and leisure

Located on Long Island, East of JFK airport, Republic Airport serves as a general aviation destination for both business and leisure travellers.

Still just 30 miles from Manhattan, the airport is also utilised for several key sports destinations including the Mets' Citi Field and the Yankee Stadium.

Call {{telephone}} for more information on Republic Airport.

Essex County Airport

An efficient western gateway

Essex County Airport is one of the most westerly oriented private jet airports for the New York Metro area, 10 miles west of Teterboro airport.

Located in Fairfield, New Jersey, the airport (like several of the smaller New York airports) is categorised as a 'reliever' airport by the FAA.

Call {{telephone}} for more information on Essex County Airport.

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