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Overview summary

private flights to Paro AirportParo Airport is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, in the valley of Paro Chhu, and is Bhutan’s only international airport.

Paro Airport has been nominated in PrivateFly's 2013 favourite airport approaches.

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Landing at Paro Airport

your views on Paro Airport

Paro Airport flights"A truly unique approach towards touchdown between two valleys. Awesome, thrilling experience."

"Sneak peak of Tiger's nest and the sublime Paro Valley."

"Breathtaking views of the highest mountains on earth and the thrilling approach of almost brushing the pine trees. The seat clenching view of the tiny runway, culminating in the shortest heart thumping landing!"

Location of Paro Airport

Paro Airport is 6km from the centre of Paro.

Paro Airport Facts

Call sign: PBH
Lat: 27.4033
Long: 89.4267
Altitude: 7340ft
Runway distance available: 6562ft

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