Ramenskoye Airport / Zhukovsky Airfield by Private Jet

Overview summary

Ramenskoye Airport is also known as Zhukovsky Airfield, and is located near the Russian town of Ramenskoye, an hour's drive from Moscow. The airport has one of the longest runways in the world, at 5,400m.

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Ramenskoye Airport History

The runway is one of the longest airport runways in the world, as it was used as a testing facility for MIG flighter jets and the Soviet Buran space shuttle programme. 

At normal walking speed it would take 1 hour and 10 minutes to walk the whole length of the runway.

In 2011 the Russian Prime Minister Putin proposed that all private jet charter should be moved from the Moscow airports of Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo to Ramenskoye Airport.

The airport is also home to the MAKS International Air Show.

Ramenskoye Airport Location

Ramenskoye Airport is located near the town of Ramenskoye, just outside Moscow. The airport is approximately 1 hour’s drive from the centre of Moscow.

Ramenskoye Airport Facts

Airport Codes: UUBW
Elevation: 123m

Private Jet Charter Prices – Ramenskoye Airport

For private flight advice to or from Ramenskoye Airport call +44 20 7100 6960 (24 hours).