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Overview Summary

The Airbus Prestige can fly large groups as well as smaller teams on short-haul, medium-range and intercontinental routes. It has an increased cruise altitude of 41,000 ft. and an enhanced cabin pressurisation level. 


  • 19 - 58 seat configuration 
  • Private bathroom 
  • Fully equipped hot and cold food kitchen 
  • DVD players and built in phones

Comfort & Size

The Airbus Prestige typically accommodates 19 with the widest cross-section and the most headroom of any corporate jet. Business and conference centres, lounge areas, private suites and full-height showers are all possible to meet the most demanding requirements for charter/VIP operations, corporate shuttles and in government service. 


ModelA320 Prestige
ClassificationHeavy Jet
Speed430 kts
Range2800 nm
Luggage Capacity975 cu.ft.
Interior Height3.72 m
Interior Width2.16 m



PrivateFly is committed to a long term sustainability program, dedicated to going far beyond just carbon offsetting.

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PrivateFly is a sister company to Flexjet, which provides shared ownership and programmes for experienced private aviation users who fly 50+ hours per year

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