Beechjet 400

Charter a Beechjet 400 - Private Jet Charter

Popular light jet suitable for short or mid-range flights with a comfortable cabin. The Beechjet 400 is now more commonly seen in the form of the Nextant 400XTi - which is a remanufactured version, using a Beechjet 400 airframe.

Overview Summary

The Beechjet 400 is a twin-engine premier executive light jet, well-suited for small groups, on shorter trips. 


  • 6 Seat Configuration
  • Remanufactured version is the Nextant 400XTi
  • Spacious luggage capacity
  • Impressive cabin space
  • Restroom

Comfort & Size

The Beechjet 400 seats six passengers with an entertainment console, and an extra passenger seat can be added in the toilet compartment. The cabin has executive tables, refreshment storage and leather seating.

The Nextant 400XTi

The Beechjet 400 is also the airframe behind the Nextant 400XTi. Manufactured by Nextant Aerospace, the 400XTi is a remanufactured and enhanced version of the Beechjet, which is stripped back to its airframe and completely rebuilt, from avionics to cabin. This makes it more efficient and modern than the original aircraft.


ModelBeechjet 400
ClassificationLight Jet
Speed392 kts
Range1400 nm
Luggage Capacity59 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.45 m
Interior Width1.4 m