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The improved version of the world's best selling turboprop.

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Overview Summary

The Beech King Air 350 is twin turboprop passenger business aircraft. The King Air 350 can operate with exceptional performance, due to its highly reliable Pratt & Whitney engines.

The King Air has become the world's most cost-effective VIP charter aircraft, for short distance flights. It is also a popular choice for a medevac or air ambulance flights as it can land on short and difficult runways.

Beechcraft is part of the Textron manufacturing family (along with Cessna & Bell Helicopters).


- Up to 11 seat configuration
- Quiet cabin with active noise control system
- Short runway takeoff and landing
- Lower charter cost than a jet
- The King Air can land on unpaved runways

Comfort & Size

 The King Air 350 has a comfortable and roomy pressurised cabin which can be configured for up to 11 passengers. The air-conditioned cabin is fitted with double club style seats for eight passengers plus up to three single seats. An active noise control system reduces the in-flight noise in the passenger cabin.


Luggage Capacity
55 cu.ft.
Beech BE350 KingAir
282 kts
Interior Height
1.47 m
Small Prop Aircraft
2678 nm
Interior Width
1.32 m