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Overview Summary

The Cessna 401 and 402 are series of 6 to 9 people light twin piston engine aircraft. The Cessna 400 series aircraft has proven to be a very dependable aircraft over the years which, along with its range and passenger capacity have made it a popular choice for many small regional airlines worldwide. The aircraft are generally utilized on short routes for airlines for example to connect from islands to the airlines main hubs inland.


- Seats between 6 - 9 people
- Short runway takeoff and landings
- Reduced cabin noise
- Up to 9 passengers configuration

Comfort & Size

The Cessna design even in the early models such as these, are well defined. Most of these aircraft will seat up to 8 people comfortably with ample room for small bags. The seats are standard airline seats with a recline function and in some models have fold out trays for light snacks or drinks to be served.


Luggage Capacity
25 cu.ft.
Cessna C401 / C402 / C411
225 kts
Interior Height
1.25 m
Small Prop Aircraft
1200 nm
Interior Width
1.25 m