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Reliable long range jet from the Hawker 800 family

Overview Summary

The Hawker 1000 is the largest jet in the Hawker 800 family. The Hawker 1000 is optimised for long range flights, and was built using lightweight materials, stretched fuselage, and more powerful engines. 

The Hawker 1000 is popular with fractional jet ownership schemes and jet card holders for its reliability and cost effective long-range flight performance.


  • Light and spacious cabin
  • 8 seat configuration
  • Good flight range
  • Reliable performance

Comfort & Size

The Hawker 1000 cabin has 7 cabin windows down each side, making the interior lighter than the other members of the Hawker 800 family of corporate jets. 

The cabin can seat up to 15 passengers, although a typical seating arrangement is for 8 passengers. 


ModelHawker 1000
ClassificationSuper Midsize Jet
Speed453 kts
Range3535 nm
Luggage Capacity65 cu.ft.
Interior Height1.75 m
Interior Width1.83 m



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