Private Jets in Numbers

At PrivateFly we love all the facts and figures about flying and here are our favourite number based flying facts.

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Flying by Numbers

  • Average time from check-in to airbourne is 18 minutes on a private jet
  • 8% of all flights in Europe are private jet flights
  • 40% of all private jet flights are empty legs
  • Citation X is the fastest civilian aircraft in the world flying at 0.92 mach
  • 3000 private jet airfields in Europe, scheduled airlines only fly to 10% of these airports
  • Each private jet in Europe flies on average 5 times a week
  • 3% of private jet flights have pets on board
  • 85% of private jet pilots are male
  • 80% of European private jet operators manage 5 aircraft (or less)
  • 2/3 of private jet flights are on routes not served by scheduled airlines

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