Visit Canouan Island by Private Jet

Visit the lush and exotic Canouan Island by private jet.

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Canouan Island is part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Caribbean. Though extremely small in size, Canouan Island features an airport with a runway of 6,000 feet to accommodate larger aircraft.

It also has a large marina in Grand Bay, making the island accessible both by jet and yacht.

Catch scenic views from the top of Mount Royal or relax on the famous Grand Bay Beach.

Alternatively, take in views of the Southern Grenadines from South Glossy Bay or walk down Windward Bay Beach, dotted with volcanic rocks.

Major Airports near Canouan Island

Canouan Island Airport Canouan Airport was renovated in 2008 to feature a longer runway, with a length of 6,000 feet. This made it suitable for a larger number of aircraft. Canouan Airport is now the main airport for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Example Private Plane Price to Canouan Island

Miami - Canouan
Aircraft: Citation XL, 8 seats
Price: $26,840*

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