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The location of Iceland, sitting between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans makes it Europe’s most western country and the closest European neighbor to the USA.

One of the least populated countries in Europe, Iceland is a popular destination for both business and tourism. PrivateFly arranges private jet charter flights to and from Iceland for both private and business aviation.

Iceland is famous for its hot springs, geysers and volcanoes, which serve as both a key tourism attraction as well as an energy source.

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Reykjavic International Airport | Keflavik Airport | Akureyri International Airport

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik, which is also the largest city. Reyjavik and its surrounding areas is home to two-thirds of the population.

reykjavik In Iceland

Historically, Iceland is one of the world’s most prosperous and developed countries. Once reliant on fishing as its major driver, Iceland’s financial sector took over and its banks saw a global credit boom until the recession of 2008. The Icelandic economy is now broadened into other new areas, and is now emerging steadily in recovery.


Iceland has over 30 different airports to choose from, which means that private jet travellers to and from Iceland have a wide choice of private jet airports to arrive and land close to their destinations.

Popular private jet airports in Iceland include:

Reykjavic International Airport (RKV) is a popular gateway for both scheduled airlines and private jet flights. The airport has a dedicated private jet terminal (FBO) for private jet flights to Reykjavic.

Reyjavik Airport

Keflavik Airport (KEF) is located on the Southern Penisula of Iceland. Private jet travelers using Keflavik Airport are served and handled by a dedicated FBO, SouthAir Iceland.

Keflavik Airport

Akureyri International Airport (AEY) is used by private jet travellers accessing the north of the country. Private jet flights to and from Akureyri airport are handled by the FBO SouthAir Iceland, which opened its Akureyri FBO in January 2014.

Akureyri International Airport


There are a small number of private aircraft based in Iceland, and transient private jet aircraft are also available on the ground in Iceland as well as regularly positioning in and out of the country.

PrivateFly can access the best aircraft location, availability and pricing for private jet charter flights to and from Iceland.

Example Private Jet Flight & Price to Iceland:

  • New York City - Reykjavik (one way) from $43,400
  • Aircraft: Hawker 800XP (8 seats)
  • Flight Time: 5 Hrs 20 Mins

For private jet pricing to and from Iceland call the PrivateFly team on (866) 726-1222 or contact us online.

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