Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show - Private JetsThe Monaco Yacht show is held every year in September at Port Hercules, Monaco. The largest superyacht sales boat show in the world, with an impressive floating showcase, this is one of the most important dates in the yachting calendar.

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PrivateFly gets the inside track on this year's show and considers the crossover between the jet and yacht charter industries.

Private Jet Charter Prices to Monaco

Citation to Cannes London - Cannes - London from $2,000pp
Rent whole aircraft: $11,445 (3 night return)
Aircraft Type: Cessna Citation
Passengers: 6
Flight Time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Private jet to Nice London - Nice - London from £2,000pp
Rent whole aircraft: $11,500 (3 night return)
Aircraft Type: Cessna Citation
Passengers: 6
Flight Time: 2 hours

Helicopter Transfer to Monaco

Arriving in Nice or Cannes by scheduled airline or private jet? Book a PrivateFly helicopter transfer and be in Monaco within minutes of your arrival.

Monaco Helicopter transfer Nice - Monaco from $1,100
Passengers: 5
Flight Time: 10 minutes

Yachts & Private Jets

There are strong parallels between the private jet and the superyacht industries. In ownership terms, both can be seen as the ultimate status symbols for wealth and luxury, allowing optimal travel flexibility and privacy.

Monaco Yacht Show - Private JetsBut there are also practical links between the two industries in terms of how they work together.

Private aviation charter works very efficiently in terms of transporting customers to and from yachts, to the closest possible airfields when they are moored in different locations. This can be especially true in areas like the Caribbean, where private aircraft can offer spectacular views of the coast and the yachts, with access to some of the most inaccessible islands.

The PrivateFly team are highly experienced in taking our customers from jet to yacht, and regularly arrange private jet charter transfers to and from yachting destinations.

Traveling by Yacht or Private Plane

Monaco Yacht Show - Private JetsMuch like the private aviation market, the yacht market gives customers three ways to travel by yacht:

  • Ownership
  • Fractional share
  • Charter

In both cases, charter offers the most cost effective experience, allowing customers to use jets or yachts when they are not being used by the owner.

Charter involves no upfront premiums and for both private jets and yacht customers, gives the choice of chartering the best model for their group size and location.

With both the private aviation and yacht charter, the wide supply in the market means it can be challenging for customers to locate the best placed model for their itinerary and needs.

PrivateFly offers customers a central platform to compare the global charter market, combined with a team of experts who are highly experienced in private aviation.

In the same way, the yacht charter market has many experienced brokers who offer customers indispensable expertise and service.

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