Private Jet Interior Design

Private jet interior design green bedWhen you charter a private jet with PrivateFly, in many cases you are chartering someone else's aircraft when they are not using it.

All aircraft available for private jet charter within PrivateFly's network are accredited for safety and service levels, but in terms of the interior of the aircraft, the sky can be the limit when it comes to customization and bespoke design.

Although many charter aircraft are fitted to the manufacturer's custom interior, there is a growing trend for aircraft owners to put their personal touch on the interior design of their aircraft.

When you view your aircraft options with PrivateFly you will see both date of manufacture and date of refurbishment.

The interior textiles including seat covers and carpets are replaced most often, usually within a 5 year timeframe. When you charter an aircraft, it's important to see actual aircraft images of the exterior and the interior, so that you can see what you are buying.

No two Citation XLS are necessarily the same, so having up-to-date images of the aircraft interior can be more important in understanding seating configuration and interior look and feel.

PrivateFly members can see actual aircraft images of all aircraft options by logging onto their private page online, and our operations team can also give advice and guidance to help make the right aircraft choice, inside and out.

Latest developments are enhancements in both form and function – state of the art espresso machines, touch screen lighting and cinema systems can also be accompanied by aquariums, grand pianos and hot tubs.

But it's also about having the right communications systems on board - with high-speed internet access still in development to find the best solution.

Any customization to the interior is limited by weight, and recent innovations include unbreakable and super-lightweight glass to reduce the total payload of the aircraft.

All refurbishment of aircraft interiors need to go through a completion center, which is a certified and rigorous engineering process to ensure safety measures are met.

dinner table on board private jetTastes of aircraft interior design does, of course, differ as much by market as by fashion trends, with customers in the European market generally opting for simplicity, while Middle East aircraft and the emerging market in Asia can opt for more opulent and lavish design elements.

Follow Me on PinterestDesigners lending their technical expertise to the private jet interiors market include BMW, Lufthansa Technik and Edese Doret.

Fashion design houses such as Versace and Hermes also offer an interior design service for jets, to ensure that that an aircraft interior is as reflective of current trends as the owner's wardrobe. View our Private Jet Interiors board on Pinterest

More Information?

For more information on private jet interiors for charter flights call PrivateFly on 866-726-1222 (24 hours).