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During the summer months, Ibiza becomes one of Europe's hottest private jet destinations, with luxury travelers flocking to the island. We look at at when to go, which aircraft to choose and how much it costs to fly by private jet to the 'White Isle'.

During the summer months many of our customers fly into Ibiza by private jet to avoid scheduled airline delays and congestion. Flying by private jet to Ibiza means you choose your schedule - jet in for one night or stay for a week.

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Ibiza Private Jet Stats

  • July & August are the busiest months in Ibiza
  • 30 private jet landings per day in peak summer
  • Most popular private jet in Ibiza is the Citation XL/XLS

Ibiza by private jet

Ibiza Airport & Private Jet Terminal

Ibiza airport is quick and seamless for travelers arriving by private jet. With two dedicated private jet terminals, the airport transit process could not be easier. No waiting times to pass through customs or check in mean that you can be at the airport for as little as 15 minutes before departure.

The airport is also open 24hrs and has full facilities to accommodate large jets, meaning intercontinental and transatlantic flights to the island are easily provided.

Private Aircraft & Flight Prices

Private jets of all types and sizes are chartered from all over Europe to Ibiza in the summer months. From small 4-seater jets to large long range jets - all can be seen in the skies over the coast of Spain. Many of our network of European jets will be based in Ibiza during the peak period. Last minute private jets to and from Ibiza are available. Prices shown below are whole aircraft charter prices for a 3-night return, subject to availability.

Recommended Aircraft and private jet prices to Ibiza:

Citation XLS private jet to Ibiza London - Ibiza (2-night return)
Aircraft Type: Citation XLS
Passengers: 8
Flight Time: 2 hours
Charter price: $23 450
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Citation CJ1 private aircraft Barcelona - Ibiza (2-night return)
Aircraft Type: Citation CJ1
Passengers: 5
Flight Time: 38 minutes
Charter price: $10 700
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Ibiza Legacy 600 Olbia - Ibiza (2-night return)
Aircraft Type: Legacy 600
Passengers: 13
Flight Time: 1 hour 8 minutes
Charter price: $37 800
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During the summer months, Ibiza becomes one of Europe's most popular destinations for private jet travelers.

An increasing number of luxury and corporate travelers are choosing private jet travel to visit Ibiza with utmost flexibility, luxury and style.

Ibiza airport has three different private jet terminals (FBOs), which look after private jet travel 24 hours a day. Private jet travelers to Ibiza can depart and arrive within minutes of arrival at the private jet facilities which include VIP lounges and dedicated security.

Private jet travel, of course, offers the ultimate in VIP comfort and privacy, so you can enjoy the journey and set your own schedule. Using ten times more airports in Europe than scheduled airlines (3,000 versus 300), any routing is possible for the swiftest and most seamless way to get in and out of Ibiza. You can book jets at a moment's notice and be airborne within the hour.

Private jet travel will rarely rival low cost airline fares, but it can be more cost-effective than many people think. When you charter a private jet, you are paying for the whole aircraft, so the cost per seat can be more cost-effective, if you are traveling as a group of family or friends.

You can also take pets in the cabin, which proves especially popular for second home owners who may be relocating for the summer, or for those who do not want their pets to travel separately in the hold.


Annually there are over 10,000 private jet flights in and out of Ibiza, with the vast majority (60%) taking place during the peak months of June, July and August. The busiest month is August, with an average of 60 private jet flights every day to and from Ibiza.



The most popular city-pair routing to Ibiza by private jet in the summer is the short hop from Palma, followed by Nice, then London Luton, Barcelona, Cannes and Geneva. In order of flight volumes, the most popular country of origin flying by private jet to Ibiza is from Spain, followed by France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal. 


The most popular aircraft is the 7 seater Citation XLS. Its relative low-cost, spacious interior and runway capabilities (it can access shorter runways such as Cannes) make it the most popular private charter aircraft in the world. 

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PrivateFly Ibiza Tips

  • Book ahead to secure your preferred airport slots, especially in peak summer.
  • Most Ibiza DJs will have private jet travel as part of their contracts.
  • Often DJs will fly to Ibiza by private jet for 5hrs only. Arrive at midnight fly home at 5am.
  • Don't book an airline home – ask us for empty sector private jet pricing.
  • Helicopter transfers are also available in Ibiza starting from $2 300.

How to charter a private flight to Ibiza

To book a private jet flight to or from Ibiza, call our expert Flight Team (24 hours) at (866) 726-1222 or contact us online.