Scottish Islands by Private Jet

Scotland is the northernmost country in the UK. Edinburgh, the capital, is famous for its iconic hilltop castles, while Glasgow is known for its vibrant cultural scene.

While these metropolises are certainly popular among private jet customers, the islands surrounding Scotland are also quite popular, and are often best reached by private jet.

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There are more than 700 islands along the Scottish coastline. They are grouped by: the Outer Hebrides, Inner Hebrides, Shetlands and Orkneys.

Map of Scotland

Here we explore a few of the most famous islands, along with private jet charter pricing to each.

Isle of Skye

The largest island in the Inner Hebrides, Skye is a famous foodie hub known for its upscale restaurants and luxury hotels.

Isle of Skye

Private Jet Charter to Isle of Skye

Airports: Broadford Airfield, Inverness Dalcross Airport

Sample Route: Glasgow Prestwick - Inverness

Aircraft: Phenom 300

Flight Time: 36 min

Estimate Price: $6,300


Islay is famous for its whiskies - the island has 8 main distilleries! The best time to visit is in May, during the Festival of Malt and Music.


Private Jet Charter to Islay

Airports: Islay Airport 

Sample Route: Edinburgh - Islay

Aircraft: Citation Mustang

Flight Time: 45 min

Estimate Price: $8,600


Lewis is the most populous island in the Outer Hebrides. It is a rugged, windswept island famous for its fishing industry and Harris-style tweed fabric.

Lewis is an interesting island, as it is divided in two by a rocky ridge, creating 2 climates on the same island. Its west coast features a gulf, which makes for warmer weather and a strong surfing community.

Callanish, a village in Lewis, is home to the Callanish Stones - the Scottish answer to Stonehenge.


Private Jet Charter to Lewis

Airports: Stornoway Airport

Sample Route: London - Lewis

Aircraft: Citation II

Flight Time: 1 hr 45 min

Estimate Price: $9,840

Mainland Orkney

Mainland Orkney is the biggest of the Orkney islands. It regularly plays host to high-end cruises.

Due to its 2000+ historic sites from the Neolithic Era, Mainland Orkney is a great base for the history-lovers visiting Scotland.

Mainland Orkney

Private Jet Charter to Mainland Orkney

Airports: Kirkwall Airport

Sample Route: Dublin - Mainland Orkney

Aircraft: Piaggio Avanti II

Flight Time: 1 hr 15 min

Estimate Price: $12,720

Fair Isle

Fair Isle, part of the Shetland Islands, is a famous bird-watching mecca. Its world-class bird observatory has seen over 388 species of birds since opening in 1948.

Fair Isle

Private Jet Charter to Fair Isle

Airports: Fair Isle Airport

Contact us directly for estimate pricing to Fair Isle via our online form or at (866) 726-1222.


Barra, located in the Outer Hebrides, is known for its iconic beaches. Its famous airport even has planes landing on the beach!

Barra Airport has consistently been nominated in our Most Scenic Airports poll.


Private Jet Charter to Barra

Airports: Barra Airport

Contact us directly for estimate pricing to Barra via our online form or at (866) 726-1222.

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