Private Jet Flights between New York & Palm Springs

Private jet flights between New York City and Palm Springs have become popular in recent years, following the rise in popularity of festivals like Coachella. Even so, Palm Springs has long been a popular getaway destination, with plenty of private jets landing per year.

New York to Palm Springs

Whether flying for business or leisure, with a big or small group, or with special luggage - PrivateFly's expert team can customize your flight request to fit your needs.

For private jet prices or advice for flights between Palm Springs and New York City (or any other shuttle route), contact us online, via the PrivateFly app or call our 24/7 expert Flight Team at (866) 726-1222.

Charter Plane Rates between Palm Springs & New York City*

Wondering how much is costs to rent a private plane between New York and Palm Springs? Here are three private jet pricing examples where you can save, spend, or splurge.

OPTION 1: Citation XL

The Cessna Citation XL is a popular, comfortable midsize jet.

Seats: 8
Flight time: 5 hrs 35 min
Estimate charter price: $34,680 (one way)/ $41,560 (round trip)

OPTION 2: Falcon 2000

The Dassault Falcon 2000 has excellent performance in terms of landing at shorter runways for a jet of its size. It also features a spacious and comfortable cabin - perfect for cross-country trips. 

Seats: 10
Flight time: 5 hrs 25 min
Estimate charter price: $35,750 (one way)/ $42,870 (round trip)

OPTION 3: Challenger 601

The Bombardier Challenger 601 is a versatile and efficient corporate jet.

Seats: 12
Flight time: 5 hrs
Estimate charter price: $49,680 (one way)/ $56,790 (round trip)

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New York City Private Jet Airport Options

With 12 airports in total, the New York City area offers a wide choice of possible airports for private aviation, as well as a large choice of FBOs.

The most popular private jet airport in New York City is Teterboro Airport - but Westchester County Airport is another great option, particularly for those that do not live in Manhattan. 

Palm Springs Private Jet Airport Options

There are 3 main airports in the Palm Springs area. 

  • Palm Springs International Airport
  • Palm Springs Bermuda Dunes
  • Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport

All are well-suited for private jet landings. 

Empty Legs for Palm Springs & New York City

For the ultimate private jet savings, empty leg flights between Palm Springs and New York City can offer one-way private jet pricing at up to 75% discount. Download the PrivateFly app for the latest private jet empty legs between Palm Springs & New York City, as well as many other global city shuttles.

For private plane prices between Palm Springs and New York City (or any other shuttle route) contact us or call our 24/7 Flight Team at (866) 726-1222.

*Estimated prices are for the entire aircraft. We do not sell aircraft per seat.