Private Jet from London to Ibiza

London to Ibiza, or Ibiza to London is a very popular private aviation route in Europe. If you’re looking for private jet options to and from either of these destinations, we’ve compared three ways (and prices) for your next trip.

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Private jet travel between London and Ibiza is a popular route, especially in the summer months. The short trip can be made by all sizes of private aircraft, so you can choose what suits your needs and travel budget.

Some clients look for the most cost-effective aircraft for the trip; others for a more spacious cabin; and some charter a larger jet for a luxury travel experience - or when traveling with more luggage or a larger group.

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Private jet charter prices: London - Ibiza

Wondering how much it costs to rent a private jet from London to Ibiza? Here are three private jet pricing options.

OPTION 1: Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is a cost-effective medium jet, and very comfortable for small groups on this route.
Seats: 8
Flight time: 2 hour 10 mins
Estimate charter price: $17,000 (one-way)

OPTION 2: Legacy 600

Spacious, comfortable and offering best-in-class luggage space for larger groups.
Seats: 13
Flight time: 2 hours
Estimate charter price: $27,500 (one-way)

OPTION 3: Airbus ACJ

For large groups or when space and luxury style are bigger priorities, a converted airliner offers a VIP solution.
Seats: 30
Flight time: 2 hours
Estimate charter price: $97,500 (one-way)

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London offers a wide choice of 14 private jet airports. London Luton Airport is the most popular, followed by London Farnborough Airport. See our guide to all private jet airports in London.

Ibiza Airport is open 24-hours to private jets and offer two private jet terminals for a quick and seamless arrival. It can accommodate all sizes of private jet aircraft and offers helicopter transfers from the airport, directly to other points on the island.


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