Charter a Falcon 7X - Private Jet Charter

An all round performer, the Falcon 7X is the Dassault challenge Gulfstream's dominance in this top end of the long-range market.

Overview Summary

The Falcon 7X is designed to fly 5,950 nm with 8 passengers, linking virtually all of the most desired city-pairs. The aircraft was the first business jet to include "fly-by-wire" technology (the electronic flight interface as opposed to traditional manual flight controls).

It's unique tri-engine design gives it extended range, reliability, & stability. It also has excellent short-field performance, allowing it to land in small airports.

Interestingly, the Falcon 7X also has an optional humidifier, which helps to make the cabin air pressure more comfortable and fights jet lag. 


Falcon 7X features Passenger capacity: 13
Large cases: 4
Hand luggage: 3
Other: 2 sets of golf clubs
High Speed and 5,950 nautical mile nonstop range
Uncompromising cabin comfort
Dassault's signature three-engine design
Mid-cabin storage area

Comfort & Size

The Falcon 7X offers a wide and long cabin, with spacious seats. A washroom, galley area, and mid-cabin storage area offers passengers an extremely comfortable flight.


Hourly rates
£5 432 $6 846 €6 053
Luggage Capacity
196 cu.ft.
Falcon 7X
480 kts
Interior Height
1.88 m
Purchase price
$50 000 000
Long Range Jet
5950 nm
Interior Width
2.34 m