Private jet between London and Zurich

The flight between London and Zurich, or Zurich to London, is a very popular route for business aviation in Europe. The flight is popular with business travellers, connecting two key finance centres, in addition to the major attractions of London for tourism, and Zurich as a gateway to the Swiss Alps.

The flight between London and Zurich is a distance of around 483 nautical miles and has a typical flight time of between 1 hour 40 minutes, to 1 hour 55 minutes.

Private jet aircraft types for London to Zurich

A relatively short trip in Northern Europe, the route sits within our PrivateFly Jet Card flight zone, with clients able to choose aircraft according to their travel preferences.

  • For private jet flights between London and Zurich, premium light jets such as the Phenom 300 and Pilatus PC-24 - selected aircraft for the PrivateFly Light Jet Card Plus programme - are a comfortable and economic choice for a smaller group.
  • For a more spacious private cabin experience, aircraft such as the Challenger 350 and Citation Latitude are included in our Super-Midsize Jet Card selection.
  • Or for those looking for a large cabin experience, our Heavy Jet Card selection includes the Challenger 600 and Legacy 600.

Zurich private jet travel & airports

As Switzerland's largest city, Zurich is renowned for its quality of life and as one of Europe's top banking cities. It is also a centre of excellence for many sectors, including research, life sciences, and technology. Cosmopolitan and with an array of cultural opportunities, the city - set on the shores of Lake Zurich - provides a gateway to ski resorts including Klosters and Grindelward.

Zurich Airport is located 16km to the north of city and offers dedicated facilities for private jet customers via multiple FBOs. The airport is open 24 hours for private jet flights.

London private jet travel & airports

As Europe's number one city for private aviation, London is a major world city and a pivotal destination for private jet departures and arrivals. Many of our clients have homes or business interests in the city, which is packed with some of the world's most iconic historic and cultural highlights.

As a sprawling metropolitan area, London offers a wide choice of private jet airports, in different parts of the city. These are some of the most popular private jet airports in London. Read more about London's private jet airports.

For expert advice and to discuss our private jet solutions between London and Zurich (or any other route) contact us or call {{telephone}}.

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