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For the fastest and most direct route between London and Mykonos, charter a private jet with PrivateFly.

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Mykonos is a dream island destination for a European break, offering stunning scenery, excellent sailing, beautiful beaches and a luxury travel scene that's been growing in popularity with private jet travellers over the last few years.

london to mykonos

Situated to the south of the Greek mainland, the flight from London to Mykonos can be arranged in private jets of many types - from medium jets up to large airliners. 

At PrivateFly we organise many private flights to Mykonos every year, for special events and holidays, to business flights for those in the property, travel and entertainment industries. Some clients look to choose the most cost-effective aircraft, while others look for a VIP cabin experience or to accommodate larger groups or luggage.

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Charter a private jet from London to Mykonos

If you're looking to hire a private jet from London to Mykonos, here are three options.

OPTION 1: Cessna Citation Bravo (7 seats)

Ideal for flights within Europe, the Bravo is a cost-effective private jet charter option for this route.

Estimate charter price: £14,500 (one-way) 

OPTION 2: Hawker 800XP (8 seats)

Efficient and widely-available for charter, the comfortable Hawker 800XP offers slightly more cabin space.

Estimate charter price: £21,400 (one-way)

OPTION 3: Legacy 600 (13 seats)

Legacy 600

The Legacy 600 has a luxurious cabin and plenty of luggage space, for larger groups or to make a VIP arrival. PrivateFly offers an exclusive fixed price on this aircraft via our City Pairs program.

Charter price: £27,755 (one-way)

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For a personalised quote or advice for a flight from London to Mykonos (or for any global itinerary) contact us or call 020 7100 6960

Mykonos by helicopter

A private helicopter flight from Athens to Mykonos, or between Greek islands, gives a convenient way to transfer between locations - and breathtaking views. We can also arrange helicopter transfers to or from Mykonos Airport and private heliports.

With runway slots and aircraft parking at a premium in Mykonos during peak summer weekends, some clients who want to fly at the last minute, take a flight to Athens, then transfer to a helicopter for the transfer to Mykonos.

Athens - Mykonos by helicopter AS350 (4/5 seats)
Flight time: 37min
Estimate price: €3,221 (one-way)

London private jet airport options

London is the busiest city for private jet travel in Europe and offers a choice of 14 private jet airports, in different parts of the city.

These are the most popular private jet airports in London:

Mykonos private jet airport options

Mykonos Airports can accommodate private jets of all types and sizes, but with so much demand concentrated in the summer peak season, the airport's runway slots and aircraft parking can be limited for those looking to fly at the last minute. Contact our team for expert advice on flying by private jet to Mykonos.  

Empty legs for London & Mykonos

For the ultimate private jet savings, empty leg flights between London and Mykonos can offer one-way private jet pricing at up to 75% discount. Download the PrivateFly app for the latest private jet empty legs between Mykonos and London, as well as many other global routes.

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For the latest empty legs download the PrivateFly app. Or for a personalised quote or advice for a private jet flight from London to Mykonos (or for any global itinerary) contact us or call 020 7100 6960.