PrivateFly Scenic Airport Poll Results 2018

Voting is currently open in the 2020 Scenic Airports poll. Which airports will be crowned the most scenic in each region? Vote now to help us decide.

In 2018, thousands of fans around the world voted for their favourite airport approach, including airport approaches selected by our expert judging panel.

The top 10 airports below received the most votes. Is your top airport approach on the list? Join the conversation on social media using #ScenicAirports.

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Top 10 Scenic Airports

1. Donegal Airport (Ireland)
2. Barra Airport (Scotland)
3. Nice Airport (France)
4. Queenstown Airport (New Zealand)
5. Saba Airport (Netherlands Antilles)
6. Orlando Melbourne International Airport (USA)
7. Toronto Billy Bishop (Canada)
8. London City Airport (England)
9. St Maarten (Netherlands Antilles)
10. Miami Airport (USA)

1. Donegal Airport (Ireland)

Voters said: "You fly in low over the tiny airport building with the conical mass of quartitze that is Errigal mountain on your right and sweep out over an emerald sea with the perma-white froth of the Wild Atlantic Way lashing the many tiny rocky islands in a turquoise sea. Then the pilot completes his turn and dashes back towards the crescent of golden sand that is Carrickfin beach."

"Spectacular views of the Atlantic coastline, the beautiful Mount Errigal and a beach which is the most stunning in the world."

"From the smattering of clouds, the Wild Atlantic Way appears like an oasis. Beautiful clear blue waters and the clearest sand you've ever seen."

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2. Barra Airport (Scotland)

Voters said: "There is no runway but the beach serves as a runway. A plane therefore can only land at very low tide. This is the only airport in the world which has scheduled flights landing on the beach. Totally unique!"

"Romantically remote and properly unique. The seawater splashes up all over the plane as it lands, often in 3 inches of water. Sometimes you have to disembark onto wet rivulets of sand and seawater pools. Nowhere else in the world will you find a shark cleared off the runway!"

"The whole experience is just fabulous. Such a stunning view coming in to land on the beach. You must do this trip at least once in a lifetime."

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3. Nice Airport (France)

Airport Poll Judge Pilot Patrick (Travel Blogger & Influencer) said:

"My favourite airport approach is in Nice in South of France. I used to fly there almost every week in my time as a private jet pilot. I really enjoyed the approach over the water followed by a visual segment in which you have to align with the runway axis in about 2000 ft. The final approach goes along the shoreline which offers spectacular views."

Voters said: "As you arrive at this airport you dive in the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea with a superb view of Nice overlooked by the Alps - whitened by the snow according to the season."

"A magical approach above the sea with the Lérins Islands and the clouds clinging to the Alps which, from the sky, look so close! Could we dream of a better prelude before landing in the most beautiful city in the world?"

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4. Queenstown Airport (New Zealand)

Voters said: "I was overwhelmed by how gorgeous the scenery was. Stunningly amazing setting love this airport! "

"I have flown to many places in the world, but emerging down through the cloud, finding yourself right between stunning snowcapped mountains on either side, with the beautiful Lake Wakatipu stretching out in front of you - it's just magic! "

"I've flown into this airport more than 20 times in my life and it still takes my breath away every time. There's not another airport in the world that has had that effect on me."

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5. Saba Juancho E Yrausquin Airport (Dutch Antilles)

Voters said: "It is the shortest commercial strip in the world and looks like you are landing on an aircraft carrier. "

"Reminds me of the epic images from the first King Kong movie. Landing on a volcano is an ultimate challenge and visual experience. "

"Having the mountain on the right, ocean on the left, and cliffs at both ends of the runway makes for an awe inspiring landing."

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6. Orlando Melbourne International Airport (USA)

Voters said: "Beautiful Atlantic Ocean, pristine beaches, Melbourne Eau Gallie bridges and Indian River Lagoon. And if you're lucky you get to see the Kennedy Space Center complex!"

"Spectacular views of mainland US, the intercoastal waterway, a tropical barrier island and the Atlantic Ocean. Just stunning!"

"I just flew into MLB at night and it was stunning. I have had other landings there in the daytime - I always get a window seat on these flights!"

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7. Toronto Billy Bishop Airport (Canada)

Voters said: "As you descend into Toronto, you are greeted with the skyline and the harbour and the view cannot be matched. Most of the approaches come in over water and as you land on the urban island airport the sunrises and sunsets cannot be get views like this in one of the world's largest cities is very special."

"When the sun is just right and you are approaching at the right angle, the vast clear Lake Ontario waters below you turn an ephemeral emerald and sapphire hue, with Toronto looming massive in the opposite window."

"Amazing views of the Toronto skyline on an approach that hugs the waterfront."

More on Toronto Billy Bishop Airport.

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8. London City Airport (England)

Voters said: "A complete view of the world's greatest city as you circle overhead before an amazing scenic approach."

"Coming in from the West side of the airport, you turn around the Shard, the tallest skyscraper in London, and then head across iconic London, and down."

"The skyline on approach is filled with landmarks recognised across the world. Like an aircraft carrier in the middle of the most famous and historical city on our planet."

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9. St Maarten Airport (Dutch Antilles)

Airport Poll Judge Benet Wilson (Aviation Queen & travel writer) said: "Although the island of St. Maarten and Princess Juliana International Airport are still recovering from the aftereffects of Hurricane Irma, it's still my pick for the most stunning landing. Aircraft make their final approach low over a short beach, a two-lane road right onto the runway. Upon landing (and take-off), there's a direct view of the mountains.Planes swoop so low they can actually see beach lovers and aviation enthusiasts clearly. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should experience at least once!"

Voters said: "There are not many places in the world where you have the ocean, beach, tourists and aircraft next to each other. Experience the excitement of everyone on the beach when the planes approach the landing strip right above their heads. It’s simply unique!"

"There’s nothing like flying in over the navy, lighter blue, then clear turquoise waters and beach before landing. "

More on St Maarten Airport.

Find prices online for private flights to or from St Maarten Princess Juliana Airport.

10. Miami Airport (USA)

Airport poll judge Adam Twidell (PrivateFly CEO) said: "Miami, where I've landed many times day and night, is a scenic treat. Landing at the international airport gives you an aerial glimpse of the glamorous city, white-sand beaches and gateway to the Caribbean beyond."

Voters said: "Whether coming in from the west and the fabulous Florida Everglades National Park, or from the east and the gorgeous waterfront and Miami skyline, the approach to Miami is always a visual feast."

"It is a smooth flight over the Everglade National Park, the beautiful Atlantic ocean and Biscayne Bay."

More on Miami International Airport.

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The Top 10 Scenic Airports [Video]

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