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Tiny Barra Airport in Scotland's Outer Hebrides tops the list of most stunning airport landings, according to a global poll[1] conducted by the private jet hire booking network,

Best Airport Approaches 2013

PrivateFly has now run an updated version of the Best Airport Approaches Poll, 2013. Check if your favourite airport approach has made it on the 2013 top 10 airport approaches list. Best Airport Approaches 2013

Airport Approaches 2011

The poll, which followed PrivateFly's own top 10 list published last year, asked travel fans and pilots for their most inspirational landing. Voters could choose from a suggested shortlist of 28 or nominate an airport outside the shortlist. A total of 79 global airports received a mention, with the top 10 receiving the most votes as follows: View full top 10 airport approaches

Topping the list with the biggest number of votes was tiny Barra airport, on Barra Island in Scotland's Outer Hebrides. The airport has a unique beach runway - the only one in the world for scheduled aircraft - with flight times varying according to the tide as the runway is literally washed away once a day. The beach is also open to foot visitors who must observe the windsock to see if the airport is in operation. One voter commented "Beautiful scenery and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to land on a beach".

As the closest airport to London's city centre, the approach to London City airport provides a highly scenic approach over iconic landmarks including Big Ben, the London Eye and the 2012 Olympic park. The approach is unique as the glide path is set at a steep 5.8 degrees as opposed to the usual 3, with one voter calling it "a thrilling descent with panoramic London views".

Set against a backdrop of the Teton Mountains and entirely surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole airport was declared a USA national monument in the 1940s. One voter commented: "The beauty of the Grand Tetons is amazing as you are approaching Jackson Hole, especially at the beginning of sunset! Awesome is the only word". Another fan said: "I always feel glamorous and reminded of when flying was actually fun when I fly into Jackson Hole".

Queen Beatrix International Airport is the gateway to the Caribbean island of Aruba. Located on the island's west coast, the runway approach gives stunning incoming views of the island as you fly over the ocean. It was originally a US airbase, and was developed into an international airport in the 1950s. One voter commented: "You can see the island ocean to ocean, outlined in white. Just nature at its best".

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and offering highly scenic views of the archipelago of the Maldives, Malé airport (officially called Ibrahim Nasir International Airport) is situated on Hulhulé island, one of the twenty-six Maldivian atolls closest to the capital island Malé. It was originally built by a workforce of 2250 local volunteers in the 1960s. One fan commented that "you often see turtles and dolphins on approach".

With a runway length of just 650 metres, Gustaf III Airport on the Caribbean island of St Barthelemy does not cater to international flights – only scheduled and private charter propeller services. With very tight angles, hills, unusual wind conditions and the short landing strip to negotiate, it is a very challenging descent, with only the most qualified and highly-trained pilots able to land there. One voter likened it to "landing on an aircraft carrier".

Situated on the South Island of New Zealand, A landing at Queenstown offers birdseye views of New Zealand's famously beautiful scenery including Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps and Remarkables mountain ranges. The airport is particularly busy in the winter when these turn into some of the world's finest skiing slopes. One fan commented: "The stunning low level approach brushes past the great Southern Alps, you are able to see people skiing as you fly in. Simply beautiful".

Gibraltar airport, owned by the Ministry of Defence as RAF Gibraltar, is the world's closest to the city that it serves, being just 500 metres from Gibraltar's city centre. The runway is actually intersected by a main road which closes every time a plane lands or departs. The rock of Gibraltar looms large on the stunning approach, causing unusual wind patterns and turbulence. One voter commented "Challenging winds and a great view - not to mention a slight feeling of superiority when you cross the closed road!"

Narvik Airport is located within the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, and is one of the world's most northerly airports. It was built in 1972 and originally used as a military airport. The approach offers stunning views of the wintery landscape with one voter describing its location as "surrounded by arctic landscape, mountains, lakes and fjords".

The Princess Juliana airport on the Caribbean island of St Maarten (Saint Martin) is exceptionally close to the beach, with low-flying aircraft skimming the heads of holidaymakers below. The sunset bar area at the end of the runway is the ultimate planespotter's viewing spot: In a local ritual, thrillseekers 'ride the fence', hanging on during the jet blast from a 747 take off. One fan called the landing "terrifying yet brilliant".

Commenting on the poll's results, Adam Twidell, CEO of, and an experienced pilot, said: "A thrilling view on approach is a huge part of the joy of flying - for passengers and pilots alike. When published its own top 10 airport landings list last year, it inspired widespread and passionate debate. That's why we decided to ask our website users, aviation fans and pilots for their opinions."

Michael Galbraith, station manager for Barra airport, says, "To be voted number one is a wonderful accolade for Barra Airport. To be up against some of the most beautiful parts of the world such as the Maldives and St Barts is testament to Scotland's stunning scenery. When arriving at Barra Airport, the landing on the beach is certainly one of the most unusual.
"It goes to show that when it comes to a stunning landing, small can definitely be more beautiful."
Twidell continued: "It's interesting to note that most of the airports on the list are smaller ones rather than major international airline hubs – including the winner, tiny Barra. The voters have reminded us all that flying can be a thrilling highlight of any journey, not just a means of getting there."


Notes to Editors:
View the top 10 airport approaches (including images and videos of each approach).

[1] The Favourite Airport Approach poll was conducted from 11 October to 25 November 2011 on Results were generated by PrivateFly website users and from social media invitations across a range of global sites. 1018 votes were received in total, with 79 different airports receiving a nomination.

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